Cannabis Culture

For the past 50 years, youth and underground subcultures have painstakingly cultivated their rebel image. In reality, however, all of them, including surfing, skateboarding, indie films, indie rock, DIY media, and electronic music, operated above ground and, with occasional exceptions, within the confines of established societal norms and accepted spaces.

Then you have the marijuana community, whom did not establish themselves. Despite its illegality, these criminals took “reefer,” (or “grass” or “pot”) from the ghettos of black America and parlayed it into a global, multi­billion dollar, quasi-legal business.

All the more impressively, they did so under the nose of government agencies, an indifferent mainstream media, and conventional farmers and distributors. Unlike other “glamour” industries, they operated in secret because publicity would position them as criminals and land them in jail.

As a result, their stories remain, for the most part, unwritten. Instead, popular portrayals of the weed world have largely been confined to thugs, stoners, and frat boys in films and tv shows such as Reefer Madness, Fast Times at Ridgemont Times, Pineapple Express, the Harold and Kumar movies, Cheech and Chong, Weeds, and Bates Motel, and in magazines such as High Times.

While there are undeniable truths to the stereotypes portrayed in movies like Pineapple Express, they come at the expense of the far more interesting farmers, geneticists, artists, mom and pop entrepreneurs, and activists who are slowly going public with their stories. This is where Primo comes in.

Now that they, like Primo, are going public with their stories, we can best appreciate their histories. We have been cultivating and hunting the best cannabis since way before 2017. We’re not a corporate entity looking to milk our members, we’re a cultural entity looking to build a community with a powerful voice.

In addition to other parties infiltrating music, movies, and the arts, we have literally rewritten the book on modern, urban agriculture. Primo is pursuing cures for every disease with an evangelical fervor. And we, like others to, pour millions of dollars back into higher education and other social services in the form of taxes, job creation, and preventive medicine.