How to chose your online dispensary

There is a lot of choice out there today with online dispensaries, with only more to come in 2017. The brutal reality is you should not be choosing any of them. Let us explain… here at Primo we have taken all of the following into serious consideration to become your one and only Cannabis regulated cannabis as rules change for recreational.

Product Selection:

At Primo we have the license to buy from any Licensed Producer in Canada so we are able to offer our community the widest selection of cannabis in Canada.
We understand the every person has a wide range of taste for a number of different reasons. Our recommendations are tailored to your individual needs.

Price Point:

Dispensaries are known for the “bait and switch”, meaning the grab product from the street without a consistent supply chain leaving you guessing on the quality you’re paying for.
Due to the fact we’re working with all License Producers in Canada this allows us to offer a very competitive marketplace where the quality and price are a showing of respect to our community’s appreciation for the product. This allows us to offer our community the best product for the best price, every single time.

Product Quality

Product quality has been a major issue to date. Licensed producer that are really good at growing lack the ability to market their product. On the other hand, dispensaries have no regard for testing their product which leaves you guessing on your health and the actual effectiveness of the product.
Your dispensaries could be buying from growers that use pesticides such as Myclobutanil, Avermectin, and Etoxazole. These are things you DO NOT want in your body.
Every single product we grab from licensed producers is tested and tracked to its very core source which eliminates any health concerns you might have.
We select our products from a wide range of licensed producers, then grade it according to see if it meets our standards.
We also believe in small batch crops and we do all of this cannabis cultivation in house.


You want to know someone is there 24/7 365 days per year and that they care about your needs. Our customer service is setting the bar in the cannabis industry.
You want to know that we are educated about every product in our house… for many different reasons. For example, are you a medical or recreational user? Is this your first time consuming marijuana or have you been smoking joints for forty-five years? This is important stuff!

Delivery Time:

Deliver time is also really important for many different reason. We’ve optimized our logistics to ensure that you get your medicine on time. Quickness guarantees satisfaction and freshness! Nobody likes stale weed that arrives two weeks late… especially if you depend on it as your source of medicine.

Your Security:

The security of your personal data (your information) has been a huge failure in the whole industry in Canada. Dispensaries have absolutely no regard for this information while licensed producer don’t adhere to patient security. This is not something you want to leave up to chance. Many measures must be taken for sites security. At Primo we leave nothing up to chance. With our hyper-security infrastructure there are no opportunities for hackers to compromise your personal data and extremely sensitive information.

The brutal reality is up until now no one had your concerns in mind. Dispensaries are unregulated thus leaving your health and security at risk. While every single license producer has failed miserably to give you the selection you need.

Finally, Primo is Cannabis 2.0 for Canada: a one stop shop that delivers all of your needs with the ethos of living and breathing the quest to find the best in all aspect of our business.