How to determine the most effective oral cannabis products for you

We have seen the introduction of oral Cannabis take off in the US for a number of reasons. These reasons vary from effective delivery methods to controlled dosages and even to it’s sheer discreteness. The main factors as to why oral products have become so popular are more related to medical benefits than any other.

Here we have listed out some key factors to consider when looking at using cannabis for oral composition:
  • RSO
  • Gel caps
  • Phoenix Tears
  • Tinctures
  • Sublingual drops
  • Range in THC
  • Range in CBD
  • Range in 1:1 (that is, CBD to THC)
  • High THC
  • High CBD
  • 1:1

And more to come when we discover and explore the wild world of cannabinoids
What is the quality of the parent material?
What is the quality of the extraction process?

  • CO2
  • CO2 Supercritical
  • Butane hash oil extraction
  • Trimming and flushing the cannabis plants
  • Growing flowers with natural processes – no pesticides or growth hormones

In the end, we’ve limited our selection to only offer the most efficient medicines, the highest quality medicines, and the healthiest medicines so that you can feel at peace with what you are ingesting.

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