The strongest THC and CBD flowers in Canada

At Primo we understand that each patient has different needs and thus, different strains are better suited for different individuals.

THC and CBD are two cannabinoids that have very different effects – not to mention that there are over 80 more cannabinoids. On one hand we have the non-psychoactive on CBD that is known to act as an anti-inflammatory analgesic agent and it is being investigated for its reported anti-cancer properties.

On the other hand we have a the very psychoactive THC that is there for us who are looking for a knockout punch, one that will get you high when you’re feeling low, one that will knock that nagging pain out of your body, lastly, but not limited to, one that is there to make you giggle and attack your fridge.

Here is a list of our favourite and strongest THC and CBD flowers :
  • THC Strong –
  • Chem Dog – 32.1%
  • Karmasutra – 29.7%
  • Strawberry Banana – 28.4%
  • Kosher Kush – 26%
  • Life is Good OG – 27%
CBD Smoothness :
  • Critical Mass
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • Dance World
  • Harlequin
  • ACDC

At Primo we have the widest selection of organic and fresh cannabis in Canada, with our ethos of bringing you the very best.

We’re licensed to buy from any Licensed Producer allowing us to pick and chose the absolute best for our community. We strongly believe that quality also comes in small batches, with independent growers, who are passionate about their craft and where the fine details are never missed. You get the best of both worlds.

Explore our wide selection of Flower today and let us know if there are any you would like to see: LINK