Here are your top weed Vape Pens

In 2017 Canadian regulations around extracts and cannabis vape pens are going to change. Just like our American friends south of the border. The progression being made in the cannabis industry always keeps us inspired to have the best in stock so that you can benefit. Through research and exploration we have found some incredible vapour pens and have rated them below.

We have rated these pens on the following criteria:
  • Types of extraction:
  • Butane extraction
  • CO2
  • CO2 Supercritical
The quality of the pen’s hardware:

The element in the pen – the right temperature is key to ensure you actually burn the extract at the most efficient temperature.
The quality and longevity of the actual hardware – what’s the point in buying a pen that won’t last you until your extract has run dry?
The strength of the battery – not enough voltage can translate into lost product and uneffective delivery methods. Meaning you don’t get to enjoy all that your extract has to offer.
Environmental footprint – Disposable pens go in the landfill unless they are biodegradable (we have those too!), refillable pens do not.

The amount of fluid:

Does it actually make a difference if the pen is too full? Yes, you need to make sure that your pen has the right amount of extract in it so that none goes to waste AND so that it burns efficiently.
Do refill cartridges work better than single-use pens?

The power of the juice:

The type of extraction will either harness the power of the parent plant or dilute it with chemicals. The quality of the pen will have the right heating temperature and air intake. Finding the right balance of the ratio between shatter juice to propylene glycol is very important.

So, at Primo we are pinpoint focused on leading this process on our side of the continent… that is, giving Canadians the best solutions while educating them on the process. We have some exciting product in the making, stay tuned to find the best cannabis solutions.

In the meantime you can browse our current Supercritical and CO2 offerings right now: LINK