Primo is the highest grade cannabis culture and agriculture
Established Underground

Primo doesn’t care about a million square feet or that your team of MBAs has derived a clever marketing scheme to break the “stigma” of weed.

Our culture has a long and rich history that should be commemorated, not degraded or white washed for a faux, modern, corporate box.

We’re Established Underground; raising the voice of authenticity that’s created this culture.

Every decision we make, stays true to two core key principles.

Our Culture
Our Two Core Beliefs
Product is Paramount
Product is Paramount
Culture is respected
Culture is respected

Product Is Paramount

We don’t think of Cannabis as a commodity. As one of the oldest cultivated crops on earth, it requires expertise, time, and respect to develop high standards.

Respect The Culture

We represent an aspect of the industry that needs a bigger voice. It will not be rewritten by corporate agendas or shadowed by those trying to take it away. Cannabis culture has depth, and a rich lineage that we love being a part of.

Let's Smoke One Together

Let's Smoke One Together