With legalization on the horizon for Canada in 2018 the question on every connoisseur’s mind is “where do you find the best legal marijuana in Canada?”. First off the only way to get legal weed in Canada is to get it from a licensed producer. Dispensaries in Toronto and Vancouver will have to sign up for their services with a doctor’s prescription and that may appear legal, but then they go ahead and sell you illegal marijuana. That pretty much defeats the whole purpose of getting a legitimate prescription in the first place. Of course there are exceptions to this and there may be a few strains that are produced legally but the majority by far are not and that can be an issue. Illegal growers answer to no one, not any regulatory body, not the consumer, or the dispensaries. This means that they can make any claims they want and there is no way to verify it’s valid or not. The only way to truly know if your weed is safe, organic, and healthy is to use a licensed producer and the best way to find a licensed producer you trust is on Primo. Primo only has licensed producers available on its open marketplace so you can trust the products to be safe for consumption and will not land you in any trouble. Here’s our list of the things you need to look for the best legal marijuana in Canada

Natural Pest Controls: the way cannabis is meant to be grown

Smaller boutique batches of Cannabis is one of the best ways to identify quality when it comes to Legal weed in Canada. Big industrial grow operations have been known to cut corners when they scale up. This can come in many forms to boost production for their shareholders. The bigger the crop the bigger the chance of an infestation or infection ruining the entire batch. The easiest thing for them to do is start using chemical pesticides which in our eyes ruins the crop.
Small batch licensed producers with Primo take a different approach. With the care and attention to detail that the smaller batches allow the grower, there is no need for chemical pesticides. Natural predators like predator mites can be used to control the pests without the need to resort to chemicals.

Experienced Growers of Marijuana produce the best product

Not just any farmer can pick up growing weed and be good at it. It takes years of understanding to know each strains needs and optimal growing conditions. In order to make the best weed you need to have a passion and an intimate understanding of the science behind growing the best weed on a consistent basis. You need make sure you’re choice in grower has at least a decade of experience when it comes to growing marijuana. At Primo we’ve done the research for you, we have developed relationships with the best licensed marijuana producers in Canada and tested and reviewed their products so only the best makes it on our marketplace.

Only Authentic Cannabis Strains

A name goes a long way in the cannabis industry and when dealing only with licensed producers you know they have to stand by their products or they will be pushed out of the market. They’re a registered business so they can’t just change their name overnight if they get bad reviews. So when a new flower comes on to our site and says it’s a NYC Sour Diesel we make sure it’s a real sour diesel. True authentic strains from legitimate Mothers is how you build a brand that is trusted by the community.

Clean Weed that’s had a proper flush

Proper flushing is an extra step that not everyone does when growing Marijuana, it’s become a pivotal step in producing quality Cannabis. If a grower doesn’t flush the plants with pure water for at least two week prior to harvest the plants can accrue a build-up of unused nutrients such a nitrogen and excess carbon. These unnecessary compounds can have a significant effect on the quality of the smoke, often making the hit harsh and irritating. On top of that the leeching of Nitrogen forces the Marijuana plant to ramp up resin production so flushing actually makes the final product cleaner AND more potent. That’s why it’s a must for any of our Cannabis products we carry from licensed producers.

A curing process that elevates good weed to great weed

Curing cannabis properly is such an important step that it can literally make or break your product. Proper hang drying and a climate controlled room with filtered air will ensure that the weed has lost enough moisture that it can burn properly but the curing is where the magic happens. A successful cure will allow the plant in its final stages to process sugars that remain into additional THC and CBD, further increasing the potency of the product. This process of sugars is twofold as those sugars are what contribute to the harshness of marijuana smoke as well. Improper curing and drying will not only fail to enact these final steps but it will also evaporate the Terpenes which is where most of the flavour and smell of marijuana comes from.

Canada’s top flowers from online licensed producers for you to order online with confidence.

So now you know what to look for when it comes to finding the best legal weed in Canada, now let us show you our top 5 Indica dominant strains and top 5 Sativa dominant strains.
Indica-dominant flowers:

Grandaddy Purple:

This purple Indica strain is a beautiful marriage between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. The actual flower’s buds are fat and lush, not to mention they are filled with a luscious purple hue. This weed is super fruity, very sweet, and straight primo with a sleepy euphoric high and a lot of medicinal relief.

Ice Wreck:

This potent hybrid can reach up to 28% THC. Let us tell you, it will rock your world with a full body stone that deserves a comfy couch lock and chill. It is the beautiful baby of Trainwreck and Nirvana (a very active Sativa and an ice cold Indica). If you have a ton of chores to do please do not smoke this.

Northern Lights:

Pure Indicas are something incredible special and this is one of the most famous of all time. It is both sweet in smell and earthy with aroma. The effects are a dreamy euphoric and it is perfect for muscle relaxation, anxiety, pain relief, and stress alleviation.

Blue Mystic:

This flower looks like it was plucked out of a movie. The blue leaves and powdered buds are reminiscent of a sci-fi movie. The sweet and fruity flavours make it a top choice for Indicas and it is hard to match its flavour with any other flower. “Fruity-licious” is its nickname.

Gorilla Glue #4

One of the world’s strongest strain of all time Gorilla Glue #4 is pungent and earthy with undertones of diesel gasoline. It’ll blow the top off of your head when you experience the quality of this flower. Gorilla Glue #4 will take away any aches and pains that you have, it will boost your mood, and it will completely relax you which makes this strain a go-to for anyone suffering from depression or anxiety.

Sativa-dominant flowers:

Amnesia Haze:

If you order weed online and smoke this marijuana, you might have a case of amnesia. It is one of the stronger sativa breeds and is loved by growers because it has one of the greatest yields of any sativa strain. This allows them to focus on their process instead of the yield because the yield minimum is guaranteed. It has an uplifting, energetic buzz that is extremely long lasting.

Laughing Buddha:

This sativa strain is popular among smokers because, you guessed it, it brings on the giggles! Mail order marijuana should be fun! Laughing is just about the best medicine there is and the Laughing Buddha strain is sure to encourage the humor within you and everyone around you. This is a flower you’re going to want to share so that everyone can be on your happy level.

Sour Diesel:

This beautiful flower gets its name because of its pungent diesel fragrance and gives the smoker a somewhat dreamy cerebral high. This strain is said to help writers overcome writer’s block because of the creativity boosting qualities. Licensed marijuana Canada at it’s finest.

Strawberry Cough:

Strawberry Cough is potent and gives the user an extremely uplifting, euphoric high that is good for curbing anxiety and managing stress. It’s a diamond in the rough considering Sativas can tend to induce anxiety instead of curb it.

Moby Dick:

This strain is loved by all. It has a THC content which makes it one of the strongest strains on the market. It’s known to super-charge the smoker with a buzz and give long standing cerebral stimulation.

On a concluding note, these are our top 5 Indica flowers and top 5 Sativa flowers at the moment but because we have the ability to pick and choose from a wide variety of Licensed Producers and small-batch growers this can change. We will always be expanding our selection while making sure that the Primo quality stays intact.

The Primo community has the final word on quality Cannabis

When it comes down to it we may be able to recommend our favourites but in reality the community at Primo has all the power to decide what’s best. We here at Primo have built a Cannabis marketplace that will not only empower the consumer but also our licensed producers as well. With engagement and constant feedback we will continually improve the state of the industry by creating better, safer product that our users are excited about. All the while making sure that if a product comes in and it doesn’t look up to our community’s standards it won’t make it on to the marketplace. This twofold filtering of product will ensure you get only the best legal marijuana in Canada from us.
As Primo’s open cannabis market for licensed producers is set to open its doors to the recreational market in 2018, our desire is to serve the Cannabis community in Canada from coast to coast. Whether it’s a small town in rural Ontario or the bustling metropolises that are Toronto and Montreal, we want to bring Cannabis and Cannabis culture to all of Canada. We’re excited about what the future holds for Legal Marijuana and we want to share it with you. You can even sign up now and we’ll reward you with VIP status as an early adopter for 12 months.
Also, please let us know if you know of a licensed producer that you’d like to see featured in our marketplace. There’s always room for more quality Cannabis on Primo.

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