Legal recreational Cannabis is coming to Canada but the only way to get it will be through a Licensed Producer but how exactly do you do that?  Sure you can go to each individual LP’s site and try each one yourself or you could scour the web for days looking for reviews but who has the time, patience and money to do all that?  Primo is here to do that for you so all you need to do is sign up and start receiving some of the best Cannabis in Canada.

Dispensaries across Canada position themselves as a quasi-legal operation that you need a doctor’s prescription but then they go ahead and sell you illegal marijuana from some black market grower.  That pretty much defeats the whole purpose of getting a legitimate prescription in the first place.

Black Market Growers aren’t accountable to anyone, not any regulatory body, not the consumer, or the dispensaries.  This means they are free to lie about their practices and products with little to no repercussions.  Put out a bad product that is full of seeds or has little to no THC in it?  They just change the name and sell it again.  There’s no real way to trust what you get from dispensaries right now.  The only way to reliably get consistent Cannabis you can trust is to go through a Licensed Producer and the best way to find an LP you trust is on Primo.  Primo exclusively only has product from the best Licensed Producers available on its open marketplace so you can trust the products to be safe and will not land you in any trouble.   Here are some things you should consider if you’re looking for the best cannabis in Canada.

Clean Natural Cannabis

Large Industrial farming has had some pretty big negative consequences for the environment and for human health.  When it comes to Cannabis it’s the same.

Big industrial grow operations have been known to cut corners when they scale up.  This can come in many forms to boost production for their shareholders.  The easiest thing for them to do is start using chemical pesticides which in our eyes ruins the crop.

Small batch boutique growing of cannabis that is grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides is the best way to ensure consistent quality and safety when consuming cannabis.  With the care and attention to detail that the smaller batches allow the grower to separate crops and control any issues that arise without losing the whole production run.  Natural pest control like predator mites can be used to control the pests without the need to resort to chemicals.

Having a License doesn’t mean you can grow

Getting a license from the government to grow and sell cannabis doesn’t mean you’ll be good at it and growing cannabis well is not like any other crop out there.  There’s a lot that goes into making sure the yield and potency of a product are top notch.  You can’t take a class in this and 6 months later be a master.  It takes decades of experience to have the right formulas to really produce potent high quality product that people trust.

At Primo we’ve done the research for you, we have developed relationships with the best licensed marijuana producers in Canada and tested and reviewed their products so only the best makes it on our marketplace.

Cannabis strains

Cannabis strains are more than just the name of the cultivar, they’re a mini brand on to themselves that lets consumers know what to expect and it goes a long way in the cannabis community because people trust them.  We know our cannabis and Primo’s exclusive marketplace of only the best licensed producer grown strains lets consumers know exactly what they are getting.  All of the product on Primo is branded and it leads back to legitimate producers that are accountable for their products so if it says NYC Sour Diesel and it’s not that is going to harm their brand and their trust with the community.  That could be fatal to their brand and potentially their business so we make sure that they are true to their word and the community will hold us to that.

Pure Water Flushing prior to harvest

A Proper flushing is an often overlooked step when growing Cannabis that we believe is pivotal to ensuring the best quality possible.  Without a flush of pure water for at least two week prior to harvest the plants can build-up unused nutrients such a nitrogen and excess carbon.  These compounds aren’t needed by the plant in the final stage of maturing the buds and have negative effect on how smooth the product burns.  On top of that the leeching of Nitrogen forces the plant to ramp up resin production so flushing actually makes the final product cleaner AND more potent.  At Primo was make sure that if these growers want to be a part of the best licensed producer market in Canada they have to do this.

The curing process makes or breaks great Cannabis

Once the final harvest is completed there still is one more step that is incredibly important and that’s the curing process.  Just drying the flowers isn’t enough it has be cured for weeks at exquisitely controlled setting of humidity and temperature otherwise it will be ruined. A successful cure will allow the plant in its final stages to process sugars and compounds like THCA that remain into additional THC and CBD, further increasing the potency of the product.  Sugars also are what contribute to the harshness of marijuana smoke that makes you cough after smoking.  A bad cure can evaporate the Terpenes cannabis which is where most of the flavour and smell of marijuana comes from effectively ruining the unique characteristics of the strain.  At Primo we know how important this is and we make sure all the products on our site adhere to this.

The Primo community will decide who the best Licensed Producer is

Now you know we’re serious about quality cannabis and we know what we’re talking about.  We may be able to curate who we think the best licensed producers are but when it comes down to it only the community we build with Primo will be the one to decide who the best really is.  We have built a Cannabis marketplace that will empower both the consumer and our licensed producers as well.  By giving our community to communicate directly with the Licensed Producers to give them feedback on their products we will ensure that we only provide Cannabis products that are safe and effective.  All the while making sure that if a product comes in and it doesn’t look up to our community’s standards it won’t make it on to the marketplace.  This double filtering of products will ensure you get only the best legal marijuana in Canada from us.

As Primo’s open cannabis market for licensed producers is set to open its doors to the recreational market in 2018, our desire is to serve the Cannabis community in Canada from coast to coast.  Whether it’s a small town in rural Ontario or the bustling metropolises that are Toronto and Montreal, we want to bring Cannabis and Cannabis culture to all of Canada.  We’re excited about what the future holds for Cannabis and we want to share it with you.  You can even sign up now and we’ll reward you with VIP status as an early adopter for 12 months.

Also, please let us know if you know of a licensed producer that you’d like to see featured in our marketplace. There’s always room for more quality Cannabis on Primo.