Drop Dates

Leather Goods coming February 21, 2019
Dry Bags coming February 21, 2019
Clothing Collabs coming August 16, 2018



Build your kit from select weed accessories around the world. Here you’ll find primo bong mats, weed cases, joint cases, clothing, hats, bags, t-shirts, hoodies, rolling papers for weed, blunt wraps, natural rollies, lighters for weed, rolling trays, weed books, and weed grinders.

Getting organized and having the right pieces in your weed kit can be the difference between a quality high or a headache. Shifting through your stash after getting stoned is super frustrating when you don’t know where things are. Our goal is to streamline this process for you and provide top rated weed accessories in one central place. There’s no need to look elsewhere when everything is here to support your high.