Cannabis Culture 101

For the past 50 years, youth and underground subcultures have painstakingly cultivated their rebel image. In reality, however, all of them, including surfing, skateboarding, indie films, indie rock, DIY media, and electronic music, operated above ground and, with occasional exceptions, within the confines of established societal norms and accepted spaces.

Then you have the marijuana community, who did not establish themselves. Despite its illegality, these criminals took “reefer,” (or “grass” or “pot”) from the ghettos of black America and parlayed it into a global, multi­billion dollar, quasi-legal business.

All the more impressively, they did so under the nose of government agencies, an indifferent mainstream media, and conventional farmers and distributors. Unlike other “glamour” industries, they operated in secret because publicity would position them as criminals and land them in jail.

As a result, their stories remain, for the most part, unwritten. Instead, popular portrayals of the weed world have largely been confined to thugs, stoners, and frat boys in films and tv shows such as Reefer Madness, Fast Times at Ridgemont Times, Pineapple Express, the Harold and Kumar movies, Cheech and Chong, Weeds, and Bates Motel, and in magazines such as High Times.

While there are undeniable truths to the stereotypes portrayed in movies like Pineapple Express, they come at the expense of the far more interesting farmers, geneticists, artists, mom and pop entrepreneurs, and activists who are slowly going public with their stories. This is where Primo comes in.

Now that they, like Primo, are going public with their stories, we can best appreciate their histories. We have been cultivating and hunting the best cannabis since way before 2017. We’re not a corporate entity looking to milk our members, we’re a cultural entity looking to build a community with a powerful voice.

In addition to other parties infiltrating music, movies, and the arts, we have literally rewritten the book on modern, urban agriculture. Primo is pursuing cures for every disease with an evangelical motive. And we, like others to, pour millions of dollars back into higher education and other social services in the form of taxes, job creation, and preventive medicine.

consume cannabis

Sure, at one point we all loved to roll one up and smoke a prime doobie but at Primo we understand that not everybody likes to smoke! That is totally fine with us. It could be because you have damaged lungs or because you just don’t get that amazing high you once used to. Even the stigmatized image of smoking cannabis might be the one thing holding you back.

At Primo we are always at the forefront of finding and/or developing new ways for you to enjoy the flower and all of its wonderful medicinal effects…. without having to smoke it if you don’t want to!

These are the best ways to consume Cannabis without having to smoke it:

You can vaporize cannabis when it comes in the form of shatter, budder, hash oil, and hash. You can even vaporize dry herb although it is not the most efficient out of the above mentioned.
You can enjoy some delicious edibles like candies, cookies, pastries, and infused coconut oil. Just make sure you do your research so that you’re certain the edibles are measured consistently.
You can ingestible oils in the form of capsules and Rick Simpson Oil (AKA Phoenix Tears)
You can play with tinctures which are infused liquids that are easily dropped in the mouth. Tinctures can customize your high by mixing different ones to attain your desired effects.
Lather on some topicals in the form of balms and creams. Perfect for pain alleviation and inflamed muscles or when the topicals are high in THC they still get you buzzed.
The big trend right now is called “the dab” which works by flash vaporization in which concentrates are dropped on a heated water-pipe attachment and inhaled for intensely potent effects. You can dab shatter, budder, hash oil, and Supercritical concentrates.

These methods of ingestion give you a wide arrange of method of ingestion to choose from. You might even go from one to the next as you start to feel adventurous like us.

Check out our product pages to find our recommended way of ingestion. You might even have some suggestions and feedback of your own that you want to educate the community with.

All of these non-smoking medicines can be found here: LINK

Determine the most effective

We have seen the introduction of oral Cannabis take off in the US for a number of reasons. These reasons vary from effective delivery methods to controlled dosages and even to it’s sheer discreteness. The main factors as to why oral products have become so popular are more related to medical benefits than any other.

Here we have listed out some key factors to consider when looking at using cannabis for oral composition:
  • RSO
  • Gel caps
  • Phoenix Tears
  • Tinctures
  • Sublingual drops
  • Range in THC
  • Range in CBD
  • Range in 1:1 (that is, CBD to THC)
  • High THC
  • High CBD
  • 1:1

And more to come when we discover and explore the wild world of cannabinoids
What is the quality of the parent material?
What is the quality of the extraction process?

  • CO2
  • CO2 Supercritical
  • Butane hash oil extraction
  • Trimming and flushing the cannabis plants
  • Growing flowers with natural processes – no pesticides or growth hormones

In the end, we’ve limited our selection to only offer the most efficient medicines, the highest quality medicines, and the healthiest medicines so that you can feel at peace with what you are ingesting.

Have a sneak peek at our market and let us know if you have any questions: LINK

Choose your licensed producer

There is a lot of choice out there today with online dispensaries, with only more to come in 2017. The brutal reality is you should not be choosing any of them. Let us explain… here at Primo we have taken all of the following into serious consideration to become your one and only Cannabis regulated cannabis as rules change for recreational.

Product Selection:

At Primo we have the license to buy from any Licensed Producer in Canada so we are able to offer our community the widest selection of cannabis in Canada.
We understand the every person has a wide range of taste for a number of different reasons. Our recommendations are tailored to your individual needs.

Price Point:

Dispensaries are known for the “bait and switch”, meaning the grab product from the street without a consistent supply chain leaving you guessing on the quality you’re paying for.
Due to the fact we’re working with all License Producers in Canada this allows us to offer a very competitive marketplace where the quality and price are a showing of respect to our community’s appreciation for the product. This allows us to offer our community the best product for the best price, every single time.

Product Quality

Product quality has been a major issue to date. Licensed producer that are really good at growing lack the ability to market their product. On the other hand, dispensaries have no regard for testing their product which leaves you guessing on your health and the actual effectiveness of the product.
Your dispensaries could be buying from growers that use pesticides such as Myclobutanil, Avermectin, and Etoxazole. These are things you DO NOT want in your body.
Every single product we grab from licensed producers is tested and tracked to its very core source which eliminates any health concerns you might have.
We select our products from a wide range of licensed producers, then grade it according to see if it meets our standards.
We also believe in small batch crops and we do all of this cannabis cultivation in house.


You want to know someone is there 24/7 365 days per year and that they care about your needs. Our customer service is setting the bar in the cannabis industry.
You want to know that we are educated about every product in our house… for many different reasons. For example, are you a medical or recreational user? Is this your first time consuming marijuana or have you been smoking joints for forty-five years? This is important stuff!

Delivery Time:

Deliver time is also really important for many different reason. We’ve optimized our logistics to ensure that you get your medicine on time. Quickness guarantees satisfaction and freshness! Nobody likes stale weed that arrives two weeks late… especially if you depend on it as your source of medicine.

Your Security:

The security of your personal data (your information) has been a huge failure in the whole industry in Canada. Dispensaries have absolutely no regard for this information while licensed producer don’t adhere to patient security. This is not something you want to leave up to chance. Many measures must be taken for sites security. At Primo we leave nothing up to chance. With our hyper-security infrastructure there are no opportunities for hackers to compromise your personal data and extremely sensitive information.

The brutal reality is up until now no one had your concerns in mind. Dispensaries are unregulated thus leaving your health and security at risk. While every single license producer has failed miserably to give you the selection you need.

Finally, Primo is Cannabis 2.0 for Canada: a one stop shop that delivers all of your needs with the ethos of living and breathing the quest to find the best in all aspect of our business.

Order weed online


Primo is your one stop shop to order weed online with the widest selection of legal cannabis from Licensed Producers that adhere to all of Canada’s medical regulation. Our focus is to be more than just a mail order marijuana marketplace for the recreational cannabis market in 2018, we want to be a lifestyle brand that you can be proud to represent.

As a medical marijuana patient in today’s day and age the only way you can legally buy weed in Canada is through an online Licensed Producer that has a government sanctioned licence to sell marijuana in Canada.

Primo is continually building relationship with small-batch Licensed Producers in Canada in order to support them in growing premium product. In case you didn’t know “Primo” is short for premium so it is only fitting that we named our legal mail order marijuana market this name right?

In addition, our support with the help of our community’s support, will give those growers a chance to allow their product to speak for themselves. It’s time that the online cannabis Canada industry got to experience the best that Canadian growers have to offer.

Primo is here to support the craft Licensed Marijuana Producers of Canada and ensure that the best possible product is shared with our community.

Our ethos – it’s the way we live.



Why Primo is essential to the future of ordering weed online in Canada.
Price Point:

Growers are not marketing geniuses… actually those two personalities might be the furthest apart from each other in terms of the way they think and react. If these independent growers have to go toe-to-toe with some billion dollar licensed producer just to get their voice heard, they will be forced to spend outrageous amount of their hard earned money on marketing instead of on growing the best product and developing their skills. This will inevitably increase their overall operation cost which will in turn create a higher priced product to the end users, which is YOU. That’s not something we want for the industry.

The cannabis industry is not like any other industry in the world. In the cannabis industry the consumer proudly share the products they consider to be Primo – it’s a thing of pride. When you order weed online


: If a licensed producer produces a bad patch of pot or lies to its community about product details, which we have already seen, they should pay the price. With our open market approach, one bad apple doesn’t ruin it for all of the rest. No new community member has to sign up for another licensed producer and go through all the regulatory headaches once again – Primo will give you access to a wide variety of online licensed producers so that you can pick and choose your favourites while trying them all out.

Independent Growers:

 We as Canadians want to support the independent growers that have carried this industry on their backs for 50+ years. Just like our neighborhood coffee shop and our craft brewery. We’re excited to learn more about the gower, their strains, their perfect curing techniques, and what makes them unique.


At Primo we want to preserve the culture that got us here. Just because legislation changed doesn’t mean the core principal that got us here should be forgotten. That core principle defines our name. We all want to shine a new positive light on the cannabis industry and we still want to pay respect to how we got here and preserve our culture.

Online Cannabis Canada:

The online world is a perfect way to connect cannabis enthusiasts to key topics on how the cannabis conversation should mature in the coming year. A collective voice from British Columbia to Prince Edward Island and up north to places like the Northwest Territories. Our goal is to grow a like-minded community that can promote a positive, fun, constructive, and motivated cannabis culture.

What makes weed Primo?

There is a lot that goes into producing weed that reaches the quality we all desire – the killer buds that are produced far above all the rest. When you open a bag of Primo cannabis you know it’s killer; the pungent noise, the glittering white frosty trichomes, the spongy/gummy buds with a perfect trim, the white ash that comes from a dedicated flush… this is not a process a producer can learns overnight. A skilled grower could spend decades refining his craft to get to this point and s/he will continually find ways in which s/he can improve on the next growing cycle – it’s an obsessive passion. Here are some critical steps we look for when sourcing out the best weed on the planet.



Need to start with a great strain… there is a reason stains like Sour Diesel & OG Kush are famous.

Making sure we have the right medicine offering that suits all of our patients’ needs is our top priority at Primo. If you’re going to order weed online then you MUST trust the provider. This being said, we’ve done extensive research on the best Indica and Sativa flowers that are able to be freshly grown in Canada.

Be wary of licensed producers who advertise strains that are not able to be grown in Canada. Order weed online with confidence.

A producers with years of experience that loves perfecting the craft that is cannabis.

Just because you have a licence to grow does not mean you actually know how to grow. It’s like comparing a disgusting restaurant to a world class restaurant. Both have a license to make and serve food but which one will you choose for your birthday dinner?

Number 1, your grower needs to love growing. Number 2, your grower needs to have field experience. The pride they show when talking about their product they produce is a necessary sign. The grower will be excited about every step of the grow process. Not only that, they will be proud of their facility, their team, and their online licensed producer market.

The cure – were good becomes great.

It’s not all about quantity. In fact, a grower’s priorities should not have quantity of yield at the top. Quality is number one and should always be the number one priority. Perfecting the cure is the perfect example to demonstrate this. A proper cure dramatically improves the quality, the potency, and the preservation of the flower. Order your properly cured weed online with confidence.

Canada’s top flowers from online licensed producers for you to order online with confidence.
Here are our top-5 Indica-dominant flowers:
Grandaddy Purple:

This purple Indica strain is a beautiful marriage between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. The actual flower’s buds are fat and lush, not to mention they are filled with a luscious purple hue. This weed is super fruity, very sweet, and straight primo with a sleepy euphoric high and a lot of medicinal relief.

Ice Wreck:

This potent hybrid can reach up to 28% THC. Let us tell you, it will rock your world with a full body stone that deserves a comfy couch lock and chill. It is the beautiful baby of Trainwreck and Nirvana (a very active Sativa and an ice cold Indica). If you have a ton of chores to do please do not smoke this.

Northern Lights:

Pure Indicas are something incredible special and this is one of the most famous of all time. It is both sweet in smell and earthy with aroma. The effects are a dreamy euphoric and it is perfect for muscle relaxation, anxiety, pain relief, and stress alleviation.

Blue Mystic:

This flower looks like it was plucked out of a movie. The blue leaves and powdered buds are reminiscent of a sci-fi movie. The sweet and fruity flavours make it a top choice for Indicas and it is hard to match its flavour with any other flower. “Fruity-licious” is its nickname.

Gorilla Glue #4

One of the world’s strongest strain of all time Gorilla Glue #4 is pungent and earthy with undertones of diesel gasoline. It’ll blow the  top off of your head when you experience the quality of this flower. Gorilla Glue #4 will take away any aches and pains that you have, it will boost your mood, and it will completely relax you which makes this strain a go-to for anyone suffering from depression or anxiety.

Here our are top 5 Sativa-dominant flowers:
Amnesia Haze:

If you order weed online and smoke this marijuana, you might have a case of amnesia. It is one of the stronger sativa breeds and is loved by growers because it has one of the greatest yields of any sativa strain. This allows them to focus on their process instead of the yield because the yield minimum is guaranteed. It has an uplifting, energetic buzz that is extremely long lasting.

Laughing Buddha:

This sativa strain is popular among smokers because, you guessed it, it brings on the giggles! Mail order marijuana should be fun! Laughing is just about the best medicine there is and the Laughing Buddha strain is sure to encourage the humor within you and everyone around you. This is a flower you’re going to want to share so that everyone can be on your happy level.

Sour Diesel:

This beautiful flower gets its name because of its pungent diesel fragrance and gives the smoker a somewhat dreamy cerebral high. This strain is said to help writers overcome writer’s block because of the creativity boosting qualities. Licensed marijuana Canada at it’s finest.

Strawberry Cough:

Strawberry Cough is potent and gives the user an extremely uplifting, euphoric high that is good for curbing anxiety and managing stress. It’s a diamond in the rough considering Sativas can tend to induce anxiety instead of curb it.

Moby Dick:

This strain is loved by all. It has a THC content which makes it one of the strongest strains on the market. It’s known to super-charge the smoker with a buzz and give long standing cerebral stimulation.

On a concluding note, these are our top 5 Indica flowers and top 5 Sativa flowers at the moment but because we have the ability to pick and choose from a wide variety of Licensed Producers and small-batch growers this can change. We will always be expanding our selection while making sure that the Primo quality stays intact.

The Primo community has the final word.

At the end for the day our community will always wonder if a grower’s weed is Primo or not when ordering weed online from a market that houses online licensed producer. We have built a cannabis marketplace that will empower both its end user and licensed producer with engagement and continual feedback that will assist all aspect of the industry in creating a better product and safer more healthy way to consume cannabis.

We’re focused on providing the mail order marijuana that is available at a certain time. If a batch of Pineapple Kush doesn’t look like it will live up to our standards then we won’t offer it to you because our community always deserves the best of the best.

Primo is a cannabis marketplace set to open it’s doors for the recreational market in 2018. Our desire is to serve Canada from coast to coast with the best weed on the planet. We’re continually building relationship with licensed producer in Ottawa, licensed producers in Toronto, licensed producers in Montreal, licensed producers in Alberta and licensed producers in British Columbia. Here at primo were excited about the future of cannabis and you can join us now. You will be reward as an early adopter and get VIP status for the first 12 month.

Also, please let us know if you know of a licensed producer that you’d like to see featured in our marketplace. There’s always room for quality.

Checkout the flowers mentioned above and order weed online by following this LINK

Top weed vape pens

In 2017 Canadian regulations around extracts and cannabis vape pens are going to change. Just like our American friends south of the border. The progression being made in the cannabis industry always keeps us inspired to have the best in stock so that you can benefit. Through research and exploration we have found some incredible vapour pens and have rated them below.

We have rated these pens on the following criteria:
  • Types of extraction:
  • Butane extraction
  • CO2
  • CO2 Supercritical
The quality of the pen’s hardware:

The element in the pen – the right temperature is key to ensure you actually burn the extract at the most efficient temperature.
The quality and longevity of the actual hardware – what’s the point in buying a pen that won’t last you until your extract has run dry?
The strength of the battery – not enough voltage can translate into lost product and uneffective delivery methods. Meaning you don’t get to enjoy all that your extract has to offer.
Environmental footprint – Disposable pens go in the landfill unless they are biodegradable (we have those too!), refillable pens do not.

The amount of fluid:

Does it actually make a difference if the pen is too full? Yes, you need to make sure that your pen has the right amount of extract in it so that none goes to waste AND so that it burns efficiently.
Do refill cartridges work better than single-use pens?

The power of the juice:

The type of extraction will either harness the power of the parent plant or dilute it with chemicals. The quality of the pen will have the right heating temperature and air intake. Finding the right balance of the ratio between shatter juice to propylene glycol is very important.

So, at Primo we are pinpoint focused on leading this process on our side of the continent… that is, giving Canadians the best solutions while educating them on the process. We have some exciting product in the making, stay tuned to find the best cannabis solutions.

In the meantime you can browse our current Supercritical and CO2 offerings right now: LINK

Strongest flowers

At Primo we understand that each patient has different needs and thus, different strains are better suited for different individuals.

THC and CBD are two cannabinoids that have very different effects – not to mention that there are over 80 more cannabinoids. On one hand we have the non-psychoactive on CBD that is known to act as an anti-inflammatory analgesic agent and it is being investigated for its reported anti-cancer properties.

On the other hand we have a the very psychoactive THC that is there for us who are looking for a knockout punch, one that will get you high when you’re feeling low, one that will knock that nagging pain out of your body, lastly, but not limited to, one that is there to make you giggle and attack your fridge.

Here is a list of our favourite and strongest THC and CBD flowers :
  • THC Strong –
  • Chem Dog – 32.1%
  • Karmasutra – 29.7%
  • Strawberry Banana – 28.4%
  • Kosher Kush – 26%
  • Life is Good OG – 27%
CBD Smoothness :
  • Critical Mass
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • Dance World
  • Harlequin
  • ACDC

At Primo we have the widest selection of organic and fresh cannabis in Canada, with our ethos of bringing you the very best.

We’re licensed to buy from any Licensed Producer allowing us to pick and chose the absolute best for our community. We strongly believe that quality also comes in small batches, with independent growers, who are passionate about their craft and where the fine details are never missed. You get the best of both worlds.

Explore our wide selection of Flower today and let us know if there are any you would like to see: LINK

Extracts in canada

At primo we’re continually doing research and building relationships with companies that are leading the way with innovation in the areas of legal healthy extraction processes and the best, most fresh product. With so many new techniques coming to the market as regulations change and producers get more creative all around the world, our job is to know what the safest, strongest and most effective ways to consume the mighty cannabis flowers is.

Our ultimate and only goal is to please our community and make sure that your individual needs are met. Nobody will be left behind.

This being said, almost all of the shatter and budder on the market these days come from closed loop butane extraction processes and here is what you should know about them:

How the butane extraction process works:

In an oversimplified but effective explanation, butane hash oil (otherwise known as BHO) is made by placing marijuana in some sort of holding container and pushing butane through said container so that the butane pulls all of the cannabinoids from the cannabis trimmings.

This liquid is then evaporated so that the butane leaves and the rest of the good stuff stays. Hopefully. This isn’t the most healthy process as you can tell. Hint number one, it uses butane. Is butane good for you? No.

Health concerns:

Popcorn lungs. We suggest you look it up.
Butane is not something that should be ingested by the human body. Would you drink lighter fluid? No.


You can isolate THC or CBD to high levels but you’re losing a lot of the terps and cannabinoids during the extraction process.

  • Shatter
  • Budder
  • Shatter Vape pens
  • Oral: RSO and capsules

Now we get to the good part, otherwise known as the happy ending…

At primo we have done a lot research over the years to understand what the best extraction process on the planet is. After consulting with industry experts in both the cannabis industry, cosmetic industry, and many other food industries, we feel extremely confident and invested in C02 supercritical extraction processes as we see this as the future of cannabis and here is why:

How the extraction process works:

The Supercritical Co2 extractions compresses and freezes gases into a cold-liquid state. The process is by no means exclusive to the cannabis industry. Infact premium coffees, fragrances and hop oil extraction for your beer utilize the same process. Supercritical Co2 is “green chemistry”.

It’s non-toxic, non-solvent and much more favourable to the environment. It gives producers maximum range and acute targeting of the whole spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes beyond just THC and CBD. So which is better? Butane or Supercritical? This one should be easy to answer.

Health benefits:

First of all, there is no health concerns and that is a huge upside considering all of the health concerns that are married to butane extraction.


Supercritical give the use a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes
You will taste and smell the beauty of that which you are vaping
You will experience new experiences of psychoactive effects

  • Rosin
  • Live Resin
  • Shosin
  • Supercritical vapour pens
  • Tinctures

Here’s the thing, and it should be obvious now, when you break it down the couple dollars you may save buying butane extracted concentrates is hardly worth the price you may pay in the long run. In major US states the butane extraction process is banned due to the numerous factors we have shown you above.

At Primo our ethos is being committed to finding the very best: the best process for the best results so that you don’t have to worry about damaging your health.

Check out our extraction page no, there is so much to see: LINK

Extract’s list

  • Kief
  • Has been around for a long time
  • Dry sift or pollen
  • Made up of the resin glands on the trichomes of cannabis flowers
  • Terpenes
  • Used to make hash or sprinkle it onto flowers for more potent consumption
  • Has been one of the most sought after process in the recent years.
  • Almost all of the shatter on the market today today comes from butane extraction.
  • Amber transparency colour
  • Heat, moisture and high terpene contents
  • A by product similar to shatter but with a different textural consistency due to cooking temperature
  • Molecules of cannabis budder crystallize as a result of agitation
  • Hash (hashish) is the resin collected from the flowers of the cannabis plant. The primary active substance is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) although several other cannabinoids are known to occur.
  • Hash is usually smoked in pipes, water pipes, joints, and hookahs, sometimes mixed with cannabis flowers or tobacco.
  • Bubble hash, Afghani, Charas, Kashmiri, Lebanese, Manali, Moroccan, Nepalese, Netherlands, Pakistani, Turkey
    Different colours, strains, flavours, and effects depending on the region in which it was cultivated
    One of the oldest methods to ingest cannabis.
  • A staple in the Cannabis world
  • Extraction process that uses heat and pressure to squeeze resinous sap from initial flower
  • It is a shatter-like product
  • Great flavour, potency
  • Solventless technique so it is healthier for the user
  • Retains the terpenes, aroma and flavour of the parent strain if done properly
  • You can make it yourself with a hair straightener, parchment paper, a collection tool, and some heat-resistant gloves
Cherry Oil / Honey Oil
  • Uses food-safe solvent to extract
  • Can be smoked in a pipe, vaporized, rolled in a joint, or hot knifed
  • Variations on colour and consistency from batch to batch
  • Produced through alcohol extraction
  • Drops under the tongue
  • Extraction pulls out many of the plant’s good cannabinoids
  • Available in a variety of flavours
  • No need to smoke so great for people with bad lungs or lung cancer
Phoenix Tears (RSO)
  • Also known as Rick Simpson Oil
  • Used to treat skin cancer
  • Tar-like liquid made our of soaking the cannabis in pure naptha
  • Orally administered or applied to skin directly
  • Can be THC, CBD, or mixed
CO2 Oil
  • Hot on the market, new product
  • Made via pressure and carbon dioxide to seperate plant material
  • Most commonly used in vapor pens
Butane Hash Oil (BHO)
  • Looks like Rosin but uses an alien substance to extract the THC
  • Extremely potent
  • Consumed for dabbing or vapeing
  • THC can be 80%+
  • Remedy for chronic pain and other intractable symptoms
  • Make sure it is tested as it can contain traces of butane

Top 5 Indica flowers in Canada

Making sure we have a medicine offering that suits all of our patients needs is our top priority at Primo. This being said, we’ve done extensive research on the best Indica and Sativa flowers available that are able to be freshly grown in Canada.

Here are our top 5 Indica flowers:

Grandaddy Purple
  • THC 17-23%
  • Purple Indica strain
  • Buds are fat and lush
  • Fruity and sweet flavours
  • Euphoric sleepy time high and pain relief
Ice Wreck
  • THC 28%
  • Indica hybrid
  • Body buzz, lazy effects, full body stone
  • Northern Lights
Pure Indica
  • THC 18% average
  • Sweet and earthy flavours
  • Dreamy effects
  • Muscle relaxation, anxiety relief, pain relief, stress relief
Blue Mystic
  • THC 18%
  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Sweet and fruity flavours
Pineapple Kush
  • THC 18%
  • Indica dominant hybrid
  • Heady euphoric high compared to most lazy stones

On a concluding note, these are our top 5 favourite Indica flowers at the moment but because we have the ability to pick and choose from a wide variety of Licensed Producers and small-batch growers this can change. We’re just focused on always providing the best that is available at a certain time. If a batch of Pineapple Kush doesn’t look like it will live up to our standards then we won’t offer it to you because our community always deserves the best of the best.

Check out these Indica flowers and more in our market: LINK