Vaporizer for concentrates on black background

Vaporizing concentrates is hands down the most discreet way to get high. Replacing smoke with vapour in a combustion-less system will still give you the same stimulation as smoke. While not “smell-less”, cannabis oil tends to have a softer scent than that fat joint rolled up in your pocket for after work. The options and added technological innovations of the post-legalization environment are good but sometimes dense, especially if you’re already high reading this (we see you!). So how do you choose a good vape battery to compliment your concentrate? Here are the 5 best vape battery for weed concentrates that won’t let you down.


If stealth is your primary concern, you should look no further than the CCELL PALM, the cannabis oil battery that, you guessed it, fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It’s a simple box shape, with custom colours, that is inhale-activated instead of the standard button press method. This makes the Palm even more inconspicuous because there’s no flash about it. They’ve designed this battery to be low-key, quiet and virtually hidden if you’re using it in public. The only thing you need to worry about is how dank your oil is because, well, people are probably gonna smell that.

Airis Tick

Depending on your lifestyle and smoking habits, battery life could be your main purchasing decision. The Airis Tick is a solid choice for battery life length and quick recharge time. It has a stylish flip-out lid design that comes in a few different colours and is also versatile because it fits most oil cartridges on the market. The Tick has three pre-set temperature settings that vape the cannabis oil at different levels. This mostly affects the heat of your hit and how thick the vapour is. The only drawback to the Airis Tick is that some cartridges are big and won’t let you close the top on this vaporizer but that’s not a hard fix because you can just pop off the top and use it as a standard oil vape.

Cobra Extracts

This battery was primarily designed for easy charging and for use with Cobra Extracts, the same company that makes the battery (makes sense!). What I really like about this battery, besides the standard three-setting voltage and the switchblade style flip-out mechanism, is the USB cable built into the battery base. You won’t have to worry about rummaging through a junk drawer to make sure you have the right connector because all you need is a port to plug into. That makes the Cobra Battery incredibly portable and versatile as far as charging goes. Even if you don’t use Cobra’s line of oils and extracts, most cartridges fit on top of this one too.

Yocan (R)Evolve Vaporizer

Mobility is not always the highest priority with cannabis oil vaporizers, but the Yocan (R)Evolve is a sleek and ergonomic one, eliminating the clunky hangups of other designs. It’s a coil design with some space at the top that allows the vapour to cool before it hits your lips. The (R) Evolve size and shape are standard for most vaporizers and sits in that average range but can still almost be fully covered up by your hand. If you are getting into vaping for the stealth aspect of it, this device is right in your size range. Overall, it’s a good fit for most introductory oil vapers because it doesn’t require much knowledge to use and is relatively low maintenance compared to more complex builds. Also, the pen comes with two atomizers right out the box, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing another one anytime soon.

Kandy Pens C Box Pro

Kandy Pens have become a staple in the world of cannabis oil vape batteries. Though officially marketed as an “aromatherapy” device, there are many uses hidden to the manufacturers. Particularly the Kandy Pens C Box Pro is a great, portable vape cartridge battery. At just three inches tall, it’s basically nonexistent unless you’re looking for it, it’s designed to handle extract tanks that need a high voltage to “burn” and is compatible with most tanks, even if they don’t require it’s powerhouse abilities. A great choice for the daily vaper in your life, their reviews show these C Box batteries have been used as gifts for everything from graduation to Father’s Day

… Oh, don’t forget to charge it!