If you’ve ever felt awed, inspired, or stung with jealousy when someone showcases their pride piece, then you know that not every weed pipe is created equal. The first time you went to a coworkers place and they busted out a glow-in-the-dark pipe, a multi-tiered bong or some new/old school tech, you realized how far the art of smoking weed can go. It’s not always just about getting high. With the right piece, you can elevate your barebones process of smoking to a special, celebratory ritual. That sense of urgency to use your own weed pipe – the one you keep at home to use at night –  will always calm the nerves. So we’ve gathered a little collection with seven of the best weed pipes in the world for a variety of different purposes. But before we dive in, we have to be clear about what qualifies as a weed pipe.

Here, we have included water pipes, which are commonly referred to as bongs, but kind of occupy a grey space between bongs and pipes. Regardless of size, or price, each one of these made the cut for their own reason. So let’s start off the list with our top pick, the jealousy-inducing borosilicate glassware by The China Glass.

The China Glass

BEST WEED PIPES IN THE WORLD zhou dynastyThe China Glass company has made it its mission to preserve and further the tradition of East Asian art and infuse their line of water pipes with this spirit. A stunning black base is embossed with gold leaf floral patterns and designs that stretch from the chamber to the bowl. The Zhou Dynasty Vase Water Pipe has its bowl at a ninety-degree angle from the chamber, which allows more time for the smoke to build up, making it cooler too. The dark color of this water pipe allows it to always look pristine too, fine enough to use as an actual vase. This would be the treasure of any collection, big or small.


Zong first made an appearance in the United States way back in 1993 and marketed its signature product, the Z-shaped chamber bong, as a strong, spill-proof water pipe. By now, it’s a classic shape in the world of exotic bongs, with their characteristic kinks, zag marks, that can range from 2 all the way up to 12. Here we’ve highlighted the 4 Kink Zong, a healthy middle ground. It’s enough flourish to impress that friend that occasionally smokes but not too complicated to frustrate a nitty-gritty stoner who just wants you to pass it.

Oregon Trail Pipe

BEST WEED PIPES IN THE WORLD monkey pipe oregno trail!For those looking for a simple, creative way to impress their smoke circle, the Monkey Pipe Oregon Trail piece is a conversation starter. It’s small, the bowl isn’t an inch wide, but clever enough to make it a worthy purchase on a budget. It features a small cap that covers your bowl for on-the-go toking and it designed from hardwood to give it a classic pipe finish. When you light the bowl, the smoke weaves through a winding trail carved down the middle of the wood. This serves to cool the smoke down and is also the inspiration for the pipe’s name.

Empire Glass “Finding Kraken”

Empire Glass has made a name for itself with intricate, often whimsical, pipes that feature a combination of plants and animals in their cartoonish style. This “Finding Kraken” piece is no different, with the spoon shape pipe featuring exactly what you’d expect. The basic structure of the pipe is colored sand and green, almost like the ocean floor, while the bowl is wrapped in the tentacles of a stoned octopus watching you hit the pipe with amusement. Down the stem, you see barnacles and other sea flora that add to the underwater scene. This is the kind of pipe where you discover a new artistic feature every time you pull it out.

Showerhead Ball Water Pipe (Diamond Glass)

BEST WEED PIPES IN THE WORLD Diamond Glass Showerhead Ball Rig It’s the middle of April and baseball season is in full swing. Whether you’re familiar with the sport or just like dope glass art, the Showerhead Ball Water Pipe by Diamond Glass is a treasure. This design looks impossible, but we promise it’ll deliver the smoke straight to your lungs. The stem shoots down to the middle of an almost perfect sphere before dipping into a subterranean percolator that circles the smoke back through the water and up the chamber. I know that this is just the Diamond Glass logo, but it also helps that the shimmer graphics coming off the diamond look like seams on a baseball, it really gets you in the mood for a seventh-inning stretch with your favorite strain.

Grav Labs Upline Taster Pipe

This one’s name is a mouthful, but it’s worth practicing the name. The Austin-based Grav Labs has been making top level glass pipes for some time now and while this one was made for convenience and quick hits, it’s subtle enough to take a place of reverence in your collection. Similar to a one-hitter, you pack the top with herb and then, as you light, the smoke travels through rings, cooling it down before passing through the mouthpiece which was an ash catcher to make sure the process is smooth from start to finish. And all of that takes place in about three inches of space.

Infinity Waterfall Glass Bong

BEST WEED PIPES IN THE WORLD Infinity Waterfall I vividly remember the first time a classmate explained the concept of infinity. Sometimes thinking about the fact that numbers keep going on and adding up with no limit or peak can make you feel small. And they say the same thing is happening to the universe?!?! Maybe I need to relax on the bong rips? That’s hard to do with the Infinity Waterfall Glass Bong though because you want to hold this unique piece close. It has a double chamber that combines the physics of a traditional water pipe and a gravity bong to fill up and filter through two different stages. While you might need to watch the video a couple of times to fully understand how to use it, once you do, it’s hard to find a smoother, more engaging bong to use. Plus, when you’re done, just flip it over to take another hit and another and another and another.