Air Purifier

If you’re smoking indoors, this one’s a must. There’s a lot of device options these days that will take the air in your room and clean it, but they can get pretty pricey. They take up space and they make noise but they are effective in destroying all smells from whatever room they are placed in, just make sure the one you get it powerful enough to cover the square footage of your room(s).

Mason Jar

It’s an old and effective solution that’s helped stash people’s weed for decades. But don’t drop it though cause it’s made of glass :-D.

Smoke Buddy

This is really only useful if you are vaping, because your bowl, bong or joint is still going to stink. But when you exhale through this, all of the smell, smoke and vapor is eliminated.  Very nice device. Make sure you get the junior as the other ones do the same thing but are too big to conceal.


A dryer sheet plus an empty paper towel roll and then some elastic bands make a shitty version of the smoke buddy. Dryer sheets apparently give you cancer so maybe take this suggestion with a grain of salt…

Skunk Bags

These dudes make a ton of different backpacks and other types of bags to put smelly things in. They build carbon filters right into their products. Pretty dope.


Another company making smell-proof bags. Their aesthetic is more in line with camera bags which is hella wack but at least they are made in the USA. They do make a little bag that is really nice though (if you get it in black) and it’s cheap. Check it.

Abstain from smoking (yah right)

This is not a product but is instead a simple strategy that is guaranteed to keep the smell of weed out of your life. Just quit smoking/vaping/dabbing/etc full stop and the smell of weed will be no longer.

Dube Tubes

These plastic cylindrical tubes with a plastic stopper for a lid makes me think of candy packaging but once again, you will be surprised to find these actually work in keeping the smell of your joint or spliff under wraps.

Smellyproof bags

At first glance, you may think these bags are just ordinary plastic bags but when you throw a particularly pungent batch into one of these, you will notice the smell disappear like a light switching from on to off. It’s really quite miraculous. Damn, they are cheap as hell too.

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