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Joints, blunts, cones, whichever your preference, rolling can be a little messy. A little bit of weed tends to fall over regardless of how much an expert roller you are. So rolling trays for weed really come in clutch to help catch stragglers which accumulate and grow into a significant quantity over time. It’s the easiest and most efficient way to save your weed without doing anything.

Rolling trays

rolling trays for weed

Just roll your weed over your choice tray and conserve the leftovers. A flat surface can be good if you’re at home and is instrumental in creating a convenient space. The size of a tray is completely preference and depends on the quantity of weed you’re likely to make into a joint. If you’re just going to keep the tray at home, then It would help to have a bigger tray which can hold peripheral accessories like grinders, filters, etc. However,

As for the style of your new tray, that totally depends on your taste. You can go for something totally inconspicuous like a stainless steel tray, a stylized Rastafarian designed tray or one of our leather Primo trays (coming soon)… At the end of the day, you can roll your joint on any flat surface, for instance, a table or a book. But a rolling tray helps you keep everything organized with an exclusive space to safeguard your joint.

If you’re someone who travels, then your rolling tray takes on a different approach (we may or may not be dropping the craziest rolling tray you’ve ever seen for on the go rolling). Look for a good travel stash case to accompany a rolling pad or one that you can also roll on when it’s opened up, like an Otterbox Drybox.

Stash Boxes

In contrast to rolling trays for weed, weed stash boxes are helpful in keeping all your cannabis-related items safe and secure rather than just the cannabis itself. Anybody who frequently rolls up a joint would attest that there’s an art to it, and it involves more than just licking and tucking the paper. While you can keep bigger items like bong, chillums, vapes, and pipes on display or in the attic, smaller accessories like grinders, lighters, etc. are messy and dank. Preserve these things away from the outside world.

What’s in it?

• Weed flowers
• Rolling papers
• Lighter
• Grinder
• Poker
• Concentrates
• Dab tool
• Vaporizer

Things to consider:

• Eye drops
• Humidity and odor control
• Black pepper
• Ashtray
• Topicals
• Edibles

primo rolling trays for weed

If you’re smoking every day or occasionally, it doesn’t matter, get yourself a rolling tray. Even if you don’t know how to roll joints, trays are very helpful in keeping all your weed in one place. And if you want to learn how to roll a killer joint, this article with all the tips to roll like a pro.