THC Dab VS Bong VS Joint

THC Dab VS Bong VS Joint, online guide

THC Dab Vs Bong Vs Joint

As more methods of ingesting THC products begin to be introduced to the public. More and more questions arise about different benefits associated with the different methods of smoking: THC Dab vs Bong vs Joint – what is the best option?

Does each method produce a different high? Are there different levels of smokability? Is one a more healthy alternative than the other?

Allow us to help guide you through these questions and help you make, better more informed decisions on how you smoke.

Dabbing and THC Dab Rigs

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Dab rigs are specific smoking tools used for smoking concentrates and oils, typically made of glass using a water filtration system (at least our favorite ones are). This method of smoking is called dabbing. The process of using a dab rig is quite simple but also quite intimidating for some. First, you would use a torch to heat up the nail until its nice and hot. You would then apply the concentrate onto the nail surface. Once the concentrates are on the surface of the nail they will begin to burn, it is at this moment that you would begin to inhale the concentrate from the mouthpiece completing a “dab”.

Seasoned dabbers really value flavor and durability, and have started to introduce quartz bangers to their rigs. The reason for this being that quartz can withstand much more heat than other materials while also preserving the flavor of the concentrate. Experienced dabbers also optimize the flavor of the concentrate by using a smaller rig. The smaller the rig the less distance the vapor has to travel, which maximizes flavor.

Dabbing uses the method of convecting heating instead of conductive heating. Meaning that dabbing causes the concentrates to burn into vapor rather than smoke or tar.  Dabbing can be more related to cooking the concentrates on a surface as opposed to burning and smoking with direct flame. It is believed to be a safer alternative for inhaling smoke directly. On top of all that delightfully informative information, dabbing will also create a much more potent and intense high. Not recommended for you’re amateur casual THC user. However, if that is what you’re looking for look no further, combining concentrates with dab rigs will without a doubt create a more intensive, stronger high.


Nan Dynasty Vase Water Pipe

A bong is a long-form water pipe that has been around for as long as I can remember.  Known as an effective and fast way to ingest cannabis products. A sort of staple if you want to maximize your high without rolling a full joint. Some smokers mix marijuana and tobacco together in the bong bowl, but it is primarily used for flour on its own.   Although the water filtration aspect has been said to slightly decrease the harmful effects of tobacco and smoke. You are still burning and inhaling smoke, unlike the vapor that dabbing creates.

The method of smoking a bong is very straight forward and involves packing the bong bowl up with your favorite cannabis materials lighting and smoking. If you want to take it slowly you can take it in several puffs, covering the mouthpiece between each inhale. Or you can rip it hard lighting the bowl till the chamber is filled with smoke, and then quickly pulling out the stem piece so the smoke can immediately rush into your mouth and lungs. However, you may choose to smoke this instrument of fun all the things you want out of the cannabis will be included. THC, CBD, and all that other good stuff.

However, unfortunately, it will also include all the things you don’t really want in your lungs like ash, tar, and hot smoke. It has been discovered that smoking tobacco out of a bong in comparison to a cigarette reduces the chances of cancer, primarily because of the additives in cigarettes versus tobacco as a substance.

Bongs have been the fan favorite for stoners for years. They come in all shapes and sizes, looks and feels. But what sort of compromises are you making when choosing to smoke a bong over a dab rig. Well circling back to the argument of taste, if you truly want to taste your product a long-form bong would not be ideal.

If you are not quite ready to get into concentrates but appreciate a more intense high, smoking a bong will definitely do the trick. When you want to make a little bit of cannabis flour go a long way, bongs are definitely worth the investment. If health and safety are of primary concern to you, the vapor way with dab rigs is the way to go.

Weed Joint

The classic joint has been a fan favorite method of smoking since the beginning of recreational cannabis use. Known to be a more thoughtful and luxurious experience in comparison to the aforementioned methods of smoking. The process can be ritualistic and even meditative for some. Taking the time to bust out your desired amount of product into however fine you may prefer. Procuring your favorite rolling papers, bringing out your favorite tray. Rolling the perfect filter and deciding what shape you would like this joint to take on.

There are a ton of different styles of joints that all smoke differently. Your standard joint resembles a cigarette a straight-line silhouette rolled with even hands, a staple for most smokers. There are also some that prefer cone style joints. Which bigger at the end where you light and gradually get thinner as you reach the mouth-end. A favorite amongst a bigger group of smokers would probably be the L joint. This joint is rolled using two papers, creating a longer thicker joint perfect for a higher number of participants.

Now some people like to get really creative with joints rolling anything from tulip joints to cross joints. Tulip joints are made by using two papers, glued and folded into a triangle and then stuffed with cannabis. Creating a massive cherry. Cross joints famed by the movie “Pineapple Express” are a three-headed joint in the shape of a cross.

As enjoyable as this method of smoking might be.  In terms of smoke inhalation, it is, unfortunately, the least healthy. The reason being there is no water filtration system and no real way to filter out any of the ash, tar or toxins. You are also inhaling the paper with it.  That being said let’s be honest here of all the things people decide to smoke on a daily basis cannabis is without a doubt the safest of them all. Furthermore, although bongs and dabs might be a little better for the lungs, they also require a much higher level of commitment to the experience. Meaning that you are going to get very very high if you choose either method of smoking.

Not everybody has the tolerance level to casually smoke a bong or hit a dab and might have to be conscious of their environment. So in terms of deciding between smoking a Dab vs Bong Vs Joint it comes down to a matter of priorities and preference. If your goal is to get as high as possible as safely as possible dabs are for you. If your goal is to take your time, to really enjoy the process and to personalize it to suit your thoughtful needs joints might be the weapon of choice. If your goal is to use flour to its highest of capabilities in terms of intensity of high, and bang for your buck than bongs are my recommendation. Whichever route you choose to take all paths to lead to a euphoric, enjoyable experience with one of mother nature’s greatest gifts. Cannabis.

THC Dab VS Bong VS Joint, the best guide online

THC Dab VS Bong VS Joint, the best guide online


In Conclusion

Testing to see which one of these consumption methods best suits your needs is the fun part. Enjoy responsibly!