Vape Mods

What is a vape mod?

It’s a device you can use with your vaporizer to augment or enrich your vaping experience. There are tons of them out there. Some are better than others, some are only for certain vapes. Which ones are good/worth getting? Which ones will work for my vape? I will answer all that and more in what I hope will be an illuminating vape mod journey. Shall we begin?

1. Arizer Water Pipe Adapter – Solo Frosted Glass Aroma Tube

Arizer Water pipe adapter for VAPE MODS

This lil guy makes it so you can insert your vape into a bong that has a removable bowl. Just make sure the bowl housing is 14mm or find a different attachment that fits your bong :-D. How does it work? You stick the water pipe adapter into your Arizer Air or Solo and then slot the now adapted Arizer into the bong slot where the bowl would normally go and then begin the vapening. Depending on the bong, you could enjoy max bongified trés smooth vapage.

2. Zeus Iceborn Vape Air Cooling System (ZIVACS)

 Zeus Iceborn Vape Air Cooling System for Vape Mods

Take ANY vape and connect it to this beast to enjoy a chilled vape experience. What is it? A giant ice cube in a thingy that has hoses going in and out of it. One hose goes to your vape and one to your mouth: Ba-da-boom! So simple and yet such a good idea with an easy-to-use setup. All vapers should have.

3. Smoke Buddy Jr.

Smoke Buddy Jr. for vape mods

Have you vaped in a movie theatre before? A church? A house with an anti-weed person? If you answered yes to any of these questions and you don’t own a Smoke Buddy then you are a gangster. If you had a smoke buddy, you would just have been a little bit mischievous since the cloud of vapor and the smell would have been entirely dissipated by this device. It’s called the smoke buddy but this thing is really best for vaping since you can’t hide the passive smoke curling off of a joint. With this device, you really can sit in a movie theater and vape without betraying any visible or smellable evidence. So sick. The Smoke Buddy Jr., as opposed to the regular Smoke buddy, is more chill since it’s smaller and discreet in the hand.

4. Source Bubbler 3

Source Bubbler 3 for vape mods

A bubbler for your vape pen: hell yes! Just imagine your tiny-ass vape pen. Now add a large man’s hand-sized device onto the top of it and then add zillions of churning bubbles. Ridiculous but completely chill. As long as your pen is not wider than 9mm, you are good to go. Since the standard vape battery is 9mm, chances are, you are sorted. Does it work? Yes, it’s completely shredding.