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Have you ever been too high? 🤔🤑

Even the most experienced smokers among us have felt overwhelmed by mother ganja every now and again. The experience of being “too high” can range from mild discomfort to outright panic attacks, leaving a person exhausted and anxiety-ridden, possibly for days. And edibles, with their propensity to be taken too lightly and their ability to sneak up on eaters, are even more likely to cause an unwanted cannabis experience.

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There are plenty of home remedies for bringing a high back under control — milk and black pepper are commonly recommended — but one product specifically created for the purpose of reversing THC’s effects on the body and brain hasn’t been readily available. Until now.

420 AntiDōs is a revolutionary new energy drink which brings you back down from an uncomfortable high.

420 antidos bottle

Made with a blend of CBD, valerian root and vitamin B12, the tasty, gluten-free elixir helps realign your body and mind within minutes of consumption. You also get a natural energy boost from the vitamin B12, plus anxiety-reducing tendencies from the valerian root and CBD. Each two-ounce 420 AntiDōs shot is formulated using a proprietary, fast-acting absorption technology. The delivery system is designed to allow for early absorption into the upper gastrointestinal tract prior to entering the lower digestive system. This accelerated absorption science allows for rapid molecular diffusion of this THC-counteracting formula across the epithelium and quickly into the bloodstream, resulting in a fast-acting, soothing and calming effect. I recommend diluting it with some distilled water because it’s very sweet and watering it down makes it much, much better.

Although I am a very experienced cannabis consumer — a veteran, really — I wanted to see if the formula really works. So with a little help from my friends, I was able to get too high, and once I was in the midst of it, couched and unable to verbalize, I managed to down a bottle of AntiDōs. Within 10 minutes I was feeling better, and by 20 minutes in I was completely myself again, albeit with more energy than before! The ease and speed that AntiDōs was able to make me come down is impressive, and would certainly help those less experienced than I am to deal with a difficult marijuana experience.

420 antidos bottle and cupThe premium hemp used in 420 AntiDōs originates from farms primarily in Oregon and Colorado, where it is grown in compliance with all applicable state laws. The products are manufactured and packaged in Arizona and Utah.“We believe in the safe and responsible use of cannabis for its medical benefits, as well as its abundant health and wellness properties,” said Steven L. Trenk, Founder and CEO of Tech-Holdings, AntiDōs’s parent company. “However, the nature of the plant makes the duration of its effects unpredictable. 420 AntiDōs empowers the consumer to end their experience at will and at their own convenience. Everyone who consumes cannabis, for any reason, should have 420 AntiDōs on hand.”

“Today’s world is about all about experiences,” says Ed Abel, Chief Operating Officer of 420 AntiDōs. “Controlling your experience is critical to navigating your health & wellness as well as your recreational activities. 420 AntiDōs was made with that idea in mind. From new medical patients that need a safety net for cannabis consumption all the way to taking an edible before a concert and regaining control when the music’s over.”


420 AntiDōs empowers you to control your high with fast-acting relief from symptoms like anxiety, lethargy and mental discomfort.