BC Bud Top 10 legal weed Strains

Top 10 BC Weed Legal

B.C bud is known worldwide throughout the Cannabis community. It’s very known that if you are in British Columbia, Canada you gotta try the weed. The fact that British Columbia has the best climate in and out of Canada for harvesting cannabis is not up for debate. BC bud is grown in an area infamously known as the “Banana Belt”. We have done our research and have put together a list of the 10 best weed strains in B.C. In no particular order. Introducing B.C bud.

1. Nuken 

nuke bombDon’t let the name intimidate you, the key descriptor of this 100% Canadian strain is “Balance.” Nuken is a B.C Bud strain that was born from mixing God Bud with an afghani hybrid known as Kish. A very well-rounded high, calming feeling, with mild euphoria combined with an energetic undertone put this strain high on the BC Buds hall of fame. Although the parent strains might have you assuming so, Nuken won’t actually keep you strapped to your couch. It will still leave you with enough functionality to enjoy your hobbies and your day.

This is a high-THC strain, tested as high as 25%.  Meaning yes the high is still strong, more cerebral than physical. At its core, Nuken is ideal because it will get you really high while allowing you to remain functional. A BC bud classic. A well-rounded strain that might be a little much for new users but a definite favorite among more seasoned users.

The smoke is very dense we suggest approaching the strain with some awareness of that if you have a sensitive throat. A 5-star strain that we can’t help but rave about.

2. UBC Chemo

It is a legendary strain said to have been created by David Suzuki at the University of British Columbia in the late ’60s. Developed for the purpose of helping cancer patients with side effects related to chemotherapy. A very rare strain known to be as pure of an Indica as they come. If you are ready to be couch-locked you have found the right strain. A very heavy Indica.

It is truly a one of a kind strain with buds resembling a hash plant, the herb grows like a bonsai trees, and is only available in a clone form. It can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. Grows dark green, with earthy aromas. Very high THC levels up to 29%.

The Chemo Strain induces strong cerebral effects, high euphoria levels followed by heavy sedation. Great for sleep and helping with loss of appetite.

3. Romulan

romulan weed

A legendary strain that has been featured in Skunk, High Times, and Cannabis Culture. Romulan is an Indica-dominant strain named after the Romulan race from the classic show Star Trek. Romulan induces a very potent narcotic type of high. It does induce symptoms of sleepiness. Stimulates appetite and causes euphoric feelings.

Great strain if you are looking to relax. Known to give you a bit of a permanent smile while locked into your couch. Not recommended for daytime use as the sedative properties are strong. with a 20-24% THC count.

4. Barbara Bud 

barbara weed

Barbara Bud review. A beloved staple among the BC buds. Many users have found the strain to help with stress, muscle spasms, and pain. Barbara Bud is an Indica dominant hybrid cross between Afghani and Shishkaberry. A very unique and strain with aromas relating to bubblegum and candy.

Aesthetically it is a very stunning strain. Frothy buds covered in trichomes giving the appearance of them being covered in snow. Moderate THC levels from 15-19% allow for the high to be relaxing, euphoric, induce cerebral stimulation, without being overwhelming.

5.  BC Big Bud 

bc big bud

On to a 65% Sativa dominant review. BC Big Bud, A hybrid strain where you will feel the Indica effects almost as strongly as the Sativa. It carries a massive yield and matures earlier than most. Making it not only popular among consumers but with commercial growers as well. With THC levels of around 12-21%.

The BC Big Bud high can be described as extremely euphoric, uplifting, and can carry a big case of the munchies. However, on the tail end of the high, you will find it easier to sleep and relax. keep in mind this strain will hit you fast. The cerebral effects are particularly positive, a giggly, social, more creative style of high.

6. BC God Bud 

god bud

BC God Bud packs a punch. Some of the most powerful flavors and aromas you can find. Very dense buds, coated in white crystallization. A hybrid Indica dominant, that carries a very balanced high.

Known to be uplifting, offer euphoric effects, creative energy, while also making you feel quite lazy simultaneously. A brilliant feeling really.

Known as not just a cerebral high but also carrying the effects of a body high, a nice warm feeling throughout. A cross between God, Hawaiian, and a Purple Skunk strain. A Cannabis Cup winner at that. A 75% Indica 25% Sativa mix. With an average THC count of 15-27%.  It is said that the high is somewhat of an out of body experience, great for hobbies and outdoor activities, and also great for an evening toke to relax.

7. BC White Castle

bc white castle

BC white Castle is a great BC born Sativa. A cross of White Widow. A very energetic high, while simultaneously very relaxing. It is sort of up to the user how you use it. If you decide to get up and do things around the house it will be great for that. if you sit down for a minute to relax you might want to stay there.

Creative effects, merged with calming, euphoric, and energetic effects create a very interesting and productive high. A sweet strawberry-like aroma mixed with pine, and earthy undertones. Great for cleaning, cooking, socializing, and making art. A great strain for at-home productivity.  The buds carry a very rich green color with loud orange hairs all over it. It is a stronger strain, but definitely manageable. Usually within the range of 18.5-19% THC.

8. Death Bubba 

death bubbaDeath Bubba is a Vancouver staple. Bred by Matteo Sulleyman of Sea to Sky Genetics. One of the most popular strains of choice in BC. A very potent Indica dominant, 70% Indica 30% Sativa. Origins from the Bubba kush strain. Boasts a very high THC level of 25-27%. On the comedown, you will be inclined to enter a very deep undisturbed sleep.

A very quick-acting high that at its peak will create uplifting, and motivating feelings. It will also give you focused energy, that as previously mentioned will lead to an almost unwakeable sleep. Aromatics are related to musky earthy pine, with hints of lemony flavors.

Medium-sized green nugs with strong purple undertones. One of B.C most infamous strains, so you know we had to review it.

9. Rene  

rene weed

We can’t leave out the Rene strain on this BC Bud review. An 80%-20% Sativa dominant hybrid. THC levels range from 15-18%. The sweet earthiness and pungent musk flavors for this stress-relieving Sativa. A mix of Afghan genetics with Skunk #1 male. The high provides sensations of both Indica and Sativa.

The Rene high is very uplifting, and euphoric in nature. A very smooth, and cool longlasting high. It can make you very talkative and giggly in social situations. Promotes feelings of motivation paired with a difficulty to stay on one train of thought. Rene has been known to be a great treatment alternative for inflammation, chronic pain, appetite loss, and tremors.

10. Tuna Kush  

tunaThis strain is a true BC legend. Any cannabis fans that have lived in BC has reveled in its greatness for years. One of the most potent strains available in BC. An Indica dominant hybrid with a 70% Indica to 30% mix. Don’t let the smell turn you off it might smell fishy. But the high is one of the purest, full-bodied Indica highs you can experience.

Tuna Kush is a perfect choice if you are seeking full-body relaxation. A mid-level THC range at 16-18% but don’t let that discourage you the high is incredible. This strain produces a potent mental and physical high that has become a fan favorite.

A favorite kush for evening use. Very relaxing effects, on your muscles and your mind. A feeling of warmth fills your body. Known to stabilize emotions, and leave you feeling happy, and giggly. Tuna Kush can help reduce muscle and joint pain, migraine attacks and headaches alike. We strongly recommend Tuna kush as you can tell by this review. A BC legend.