Best Licensed Producer in Canada According to Reddit 2020

Best Licensed Producer in Canada According to Reddit 2020

We searched Reddit high (lol) and low and put together a list of strains that were talked about the most.

As most of us sit through this quarantine with nothing but time on our hands, we figured we’d use our time wisely to sift through countless Reddit posts (so you don’t have to). We compiled a list of the best licensed producer in Canada and the top 10 strains that Canadian’s are smoking.

Pink Kush by San Rafael Review

Pink Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid that gained popularity thanks to its mesmerizing pink pistils and superior genetics. The 90/10 indica dominant strain quickly became a favourite within the PNW and Canadian cannabis community as it carries a powerful body that is effective against migraines, nausea, and chronic pain.

The strain’s buds mimic a sugar coated candy with trichomes densely covering each bud. Pink Kush carries a sweet smell with flavours of vanilla and a mixed berries undertone.

The strain brings relaxation and giggles that pairs well with the euphoric head high, and as the high progresses it will relieve any physical pains. Spark up a joint and be on your way to a carefree day!

White Widow by Medmen Review

This is a strain that is known for its off-the-charts resin production. White Widow is a 60/40 sativa dominant hybrid that carries high THC amounts averaging at 20% – with some phenotypes exceeding that amount.

This super sticky strain carries a pungent earthy scent with hints of pine, and the flavour is very similar. The bud structure can be described as loose and fluffy that is easy to break up, even though it’s pretty sticky.

The cerebral high allows users to remain functional, especially in social situations. Many describe an immediate uplift in mood, energy, and focus. Use White Widow to get through those mundane errands or to let it aid you with any artistic projects.

Blue Dream by Simply Bare Organics Review

Labeled as a “West Coast Classic”, Blue Dream is a 60/40 sativa-hybrid that attributes a sweet taste. Loved by both medical patients and “cannaisseaurs” alike, the strain carries high THC levels of upwards of 25%.

The stain’s visual appearance doesn’t resemble any blueberries, but what it lacks in colour it makes up with its bushy appearance, rich trichomes, and long pistils.

The high starts as a cerebral rush that will motivate you and hep you complete any tasks at hand. The euphoric high will eventually soothe your body and relive it of any aches and pains.

Although the name may suggest a lazy couch high, it is anything but that.

Northern Lights by Hexxo Review

Northern Lights is an award winning strain thats also frequently known as the “two hit and quit” strain. This popular 95/5 indica dominant strain boasts high THC levels of 22% and it loves locking the user into a numbing lazy couch mode.

Like most indica heavy strains we recommend a nighttime use to help you relax after a very long day. Although, the experienced user may find an increased in productivity.

Medically, Northern Lights’ effects help alleviate stress, anxiety, chronic pains.

This is considered to be one of the most popular strains of all time.

Super Lemon Haze by RIFF Review

Super Lemon Haze is number one on the chart and number one in our hearts. Winning the High Times Cannabis Cup back to back (’08 and ’09), the strain has become highly recognizable.

The sativa dominant hybrid carries a taste that is both sweet and tart, mainly due to the Limonene terpene. Novice smokers beware, as the THC levels reach upwards of 25%.

Users tend to feel energetic, social, and stress free when consuming Super Lemon Haze.

The strain is also approved by the medical community as it aids in alleviating fatigue, chronic depression, PTSD, and anxiety.

Shishkaberry by Color Cannabis Review

This is a strain that will require you to plan your day accordingly because Shishkaberry is an 80/20 indica hybrid that will sneak up on you with its high THC levels – averaging at 26% – and sedate you into the couch.

The strains has an enticing aroma and tastes like sweet berries. The buds are long, dense and sticky with some subtle shades of purple.

The high can only be described as a rollercoaster because it starts with a cerebral effect that will leave you focused and happy, and eventually merges you with the couch with its sedating effects. We recommend this strain before bed.

Acapulco Gold by Whistler Cannabis Co. Review

Acapulco Gold doesn’t stray far from its name as it is known for its golden hue. The strain is said to produce powerful cerebral effects that will raise your mood and eventually calm the body for a relaxing experience.

You can expect the average strain to boast THC levels as high as 23% and help combat medial symptoms like chronic aches and pains.

Acapulco Gold has a subtle taste of citrus with earthy undertones.

Death Bubba by Top Leaf Review

Death Bubba offers the deepest sleep outside of a coffin that you’ll likely ever find… sign me up! This 70/30 indica dominant strain carries purple-hues and is densely coated with trichomes. The strain clocks in high THC levels of upwards of 27% that pack a heavy punch.

White trichomes cover the dense nugs that carry a smell of pine and musk. Your first inhale will taste like lemon zest and spiced rum undertones.

The psychoactive properties will take over from the first puff and as the high advances you’ll feel the weight of your eyelids. Enjoy some Death Bubba after a long day to ease yourself into a full nights sleep.

Headstash by Broken Coast Review

The coveted Headstash strain is known for its pungent and compact buds that taste of pine, wood, and carry earthy tones. This indica is a heavy hitter that carries high THC levels (22%) and will leave you feeling relaxed but very drowsy.

The effects are that of a typical indica’s that include full-body relaxation and happiness. Headstash will make you feel extremely stoned and leave your head up in the clouds and buzzing.

UK Cheese by Van der Pop Review

White fluffy buds that spiral like calyxes, full of orange and brown pistils, and covered in sticky trichomes – this emerald coloured strain is one of our favourites.

UK Cheese lives up to its name. It’s super pungent so if you dont want to share with your neighbour across the cut de sac, seal it up properly. The taste is tangy and slightly sweet with earthy tones, sometimes even called unpleasant.

The effects are quick acting and euphoric. You may feel an uplift in mood as you rush to complete those otherwise mundane chores and tasks.

The head high will eventually transform into a body high as the waves of relaxation wash over you. UK Cheese is great for relaxing after a long work day.

Lastly, Wappa by Redecan Review

We saved the most popular for last. Wappa by Redecan review on Reddit states “A definite ‘go-to’ strain to have around all the time.” another user tells us “Bought an 8th of Wappa that smells fucking amazing. I’m afraid to try it for fear I’d be gone in a week.” So you get the jist. It’s really popular, effective and it smells like baby Jesus newly bathed.

The Wappa strain is legit. It is very dense, heady in it’s effects, potent in it’s body high and clean all the way through. Inhale and exhale are top notch. Consistently a light green bud with frosty tips and orange pistils AKA hairs. One of the strongest legal buds clocking in at a wapping 😉 26% THC on average. Has a clean weed taste. Not a gimmicky flavour just a nice full bodied herb.

Put on your PPE and hit your local dispensary to try one of these suggested strains OR order from the comfort of your home! And we’ve got you covered on all other Weed Knowledge.