Top 10 lighters for weed

top 10 lighters for weed

Sometimes the highlight of my day is finally getting home after work and smoking a ton of weed, and America agrees – relaxing with a long toke of Mary J’s flowers is fast becoming a favourite pastime. Let’s be honest, it has been for a while and it’s only a matter of time before every state gets behind it. Even the peanut gallery is trying it which means more people are smoking weed than ever before.

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While the consumption of cannabis continues to rise, so do sales of weed accessories. From lighters to bongs, vaporizers and new weed gadgets, an entire industry has emerged to supplement legalization in the USA & Canada. So we’ve rounded up the best lighters for weed in 2019 and beyond.


There are MANY ways to get high without a lighter, but classic combustion will never get old. The utility purpose is unmatched, but you definitely don’t want to light all-star flower with matches.

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Here’s a scenario we’ve all been in before. Imagine you are ready to light up that fat reefer, but there’s a real problem. Your trusty lighter just went kaput. No flame means no game. So it’s turning into a sad night, and you’re forced to quickly run to the nearby gas station to get yourself another disposable lighter – depressing and a waste of time. Now you’re beating yourself up knowing it’s essential to have a dependable stash of backup lighters around the crib. But before you dash out to purchase just any lighter, let us first address the elephant inside the room: what’s the best lighting system for weed?

Matches vs. Lighters

dry weed and matchesIf you’re using matches you’re either in a tight squeeze and you’ll use whatever, or you’re broke as fuck, which I can sympathize with. But matches are really not the best way to consume cannabis. They contain potassium nitrate, charcoal, sulphur and other heavy metals that are oxidizing and potentially dangerous, especially for your lungs.

Your typical butane lighter is a lot easier to use. Flick it open, snap-down, and presto. You’re up in smoke – you have your fire; quite straightforward. Also, if you mess it up the first time, you have to try again until you get it done right. Who could tolerate such a thing when stoned?

Lighter Options

lighters on a beachThere are a plethora of lighters available on the market. Some of them run on butane and others on lighter fluid, while many people are opting towards electronic assembly – rechargeable via USB. It really comes down to preference.

Whatever suits you best, you should consider the substance quantity and quality inside of it (or lack thereof). If you purchase a smaller sized lighter, it may not contain much fluid; therefore, you may likely exhaust the juice after only a brief period.


tsubota pearl lighterTsubota Pearl makes quality smoking gear with that touch of Japanese craftsmanship that doesn’t go unnoticed. They’ve got that wind-resistant flame action without any lighter fluid smell. So spark a doobie, rock a splif splaf, or even a shigaretto (シガレット that’s Japanese for a cigarette). You can adjust the size and height of the flame too which is ideal for many reasons and occasions when you’re source material, varies or you’re caught in a windstorm (it won’t blow out). If you don’t go tossing these off of the CN Tower or the Burj Khalifa, these lighters will last you years… probably decades. Just keep an eye on them though, someone’s sure to try and steal it.

Hemp Wicks

You still need to light these, but they are probably the healthiest option for smoking weed. Hemp is a cousin of cannabis so you’re basically just passing the torch. It’s a super popular method in the butane alternative community and you can definitely taste the difference. Since it’s a lower combustion temperature, some people have told me they have more control over how the bowl is torched… food for thought.


These are rated among stoners as the most widely-used lighters out there, it’s why we made a dope little carrying case for them. Although the lighter colours and packaging may vary, the brand is very dependable. These lighters are produced either in France or the USA, so lots of quality control and safety measures go into manufacturing this product. For example, small fingers will find it difficult to work these lighters; thus, accidental fires are not likely to get started by children. They run on butane which is better than gas or lighter fluid. But I guarantee it will get stolen or left behind.


vintage zippo with scriptThese are made for the outdoorsmen, the guys that hunt and kill shit with their bare hands. And as a result, they’ve become synonymous with superior quality. They are refillable, windproof, and feature an original design – efficient, and you can rely on them to flare up even during very windy days. Every Zippo lighter has a lifetime warranty, and they have no known flaws, which makes them the perfect weed lighters for stoners everywhere. The smell isn’t great but has a sense of nostalgia to it.


Clipper carries a variety of different styles that are comparable to BIC. Their lighting mechanism for your thumb is a unique shape and they feel pretty good. But for whatever reason, they just don’t feel as reliable as a BIC. Although I do find that Clippers work better for lighting bowls because the flame will work upside down and is much more wind resistant.


plazmatic lighter on deskWhen considering electric lighters, the Plazmatic X gives the Tesla Coil product some serious competition. Plazmatic X is fast becoming one of the finest weed lighters on the market. They are completely windproof because of their electric beam which doesn’t blow out from the lighter. Certainly, they are rechargeable lighters, and they require just 1 hour to acquire a full charge after being completely drained. Each charge of the Plazmatic X lasts for approximately 100 uses. They also feature a safety lock which ensures that they won’t light up on their own. It even goes a step further with its Whisper Quiet Light function, so it doesn’t hum like most other electric lighters.


The new age Tesla Coil Lighters are gradually taking sparking up to the next level. Tesla’s Dual Arc lighter, in particular, is a must-have for every stoner. It is a rechargeable electric lighter. No more struggling with strong winds to light a joint. The Coil lighter from Tesla uses a spark instead of a flame, and it comes with an arc structure which is designed to block the wind. This is certainly an excellent tool for stoners on the go! The Tesla coil lighter also features a USB charger, a safety lid, and it has a battery that can last up to 100 – 300 uses.


glass wands weed lightersGlass wands are some medieval-style shit. You literally just light glass up so hot until it’s hot enough to burn your bowl or whatever method you’re choosing. This kind of reminds me of a blacksmith in the 1700s sticking shit in the fire and trying to burn weed like a hipster… Jokes aside, this method is really dope and creative in a DYI sense.


None of the lighters listed above will get the job done for dabbing. In order to get a dab rig hot enough to melt shatter, resin or wax, you’ll need a large, hot flame. But these are a dime a dozen. You can cop an expensive one for 50$ or settle for something much cheaper. Either way, you’re gonna be so stoned it won’t matter.

Which Is The Healthiest Or Safest Type Of Lighter?

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Flame free lighters and hemp wicks are an obvious choices, but the truth is that you simply have to decide on whether to go high-tech or remain old-school. Disposable lighters are easily the default option for most stoners. They are cheap (especially when you buy in bulk), and you don’t need an enormous blaze to fire them up, and as a result, people tend to steal them. Accidentally or not, if your Bic gets stolen, you got BICD.  This is the trouble with disposable lighters, they aren’t special, and they have limits when it comes to what they allow you to light. They just don’t measure up in comparison to Tsubota lighters. Moreover, the weak flame produced by disposable lighters can sometimes disappoint you when you are trying to spark up in breezy weather conditions. Fortunately, due to recent technological advancements in safe lighting methods, there are many alternative options to cheap disposable lighters out there. Whatever you do, don’t use matches.