Best Type of Weed Edibles In California

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Remember weed gummies or edibles before legalization? It usually involved harassing a friend of a friend to keep you in stock because he or she cooked a batch of brownies that knocked everyone off their ass one time. When you found someone who could cook consistently potent edibles, you held onto that relationship with a death grip.

They were mostly in the form of baked goods since the technology and processes required to infuse other products wasn’t possible on a large scale without a legal framework. Since this door has been blown open, any type of food is game. In fact, one of the most popular ways people have been introduced to cannabis is through weed gummies. They’re accessible (who doesn’t like gummies?), make you nostalgic for when times were simpler and available in any flavour imaginable.

But it seems like you can buy weed gummies on any street corner in LA and there are too many brands to keep track of. So to help you navigate through the hundreds of brands popping up, we’ve organized the Best Type of Weed Edibles in California. This list is also based on accuracy, so you can trust that the quantity you’re eating will get you as high as you intend to, not more, not less.

Green Hornet

cheeba chews green hornet

Famous for their chocolate toffee treats, Cheeba Chew has been crafting edibles since 2009 and in that decade they’ve become one of the most trusted names in the edible game. In fact, when the Oregonian independently tested about a dozen edible companies to see if the actual THC content matched their claims, Cheeba Chew was the only company to accurately report the contents of its edibles. Thankfully, Cheeba also has a line of gummies called the Green Hornet that is just as potent and reliable as their chocolate brethren. They’ve evolved over the years since I first tried them in Colorado, but I’m happy to report they still deliver on their promise of consistency from flower to edible. The Green Hornet used to come in two 35 milligram doses, but because of recent legislation is limited to 10 milligrams a dose. This didn’t affect their quality, just how much you need to take. They’re available in sativa or indica, but subjectively I have experience with the sativa. It’s stimulating and an energizing buzz that still keeps you functional at 10 milligrams if you want to go for a hike or play with your dog. Check to see if they’re in your area and let us know what you think of Green Hornet weed gummies.


flav weed gummies

I don’t think I’ve been in a dispensary in the last six months that wasn’t carrying Flav weed gummies. While they used to be called FlavRx, their rebranded hasn’t altered the contents at all. The most noticeable thing about Flav is, as the name suggests, the flavor. The sheer variety of weed gummies available in almost all locations is enough to keep you busy experimenting for a couple of weeks. Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Strawberry Banana, Peach and Orange are just a sample of the thirteen flavours they offer. Personally, I rock with the Blue Raspberry (or I will be in about 45 minutes once this kicks in). Since the edibles are all regulated to 10-milligram individual doses and 100 milligrams per package, no flavour is more powerful than the next. It’s really up to you to decide what you want to taste before blasting off.

Watermelon CBD Tarts

edi pure watermelon weed gummies

It’s almost 2020 and we’re giving respect to all the cannabinoids at Primo. Edipure is known for their delicious Raspberry Jellies, Glow Worms and Cherry Hearts, but lately, I’ve been dipping in a bag of their Watermelon CBD Tarts. If you’re familiar with Sour Patch Watermelons, you’ll know what to expect from these half-moon shaped delicacies. As you probably already know, cannabidiol or CBD has calming and therapeutic effects without the stoned feeling of THC. No one said it has to taste like medicine though! There’s plenty of ways to get this beneficial chemical in your body, but Watermelon Tarts are probably the sweetest CBD weed gummies.

District Edibles

district edibles weed gummies

The first thing you notice about District Edibles’ weed gummies is the packaging. A sleek black box with two tabs on either side that snap open to slide out a tray of weed gummies ready to pop. Available in Sativa Indica or Hybrid, I’d recommend the Indica if you’re looking for an easy way to drift off to sleep at the end of the day. My experience with the Lemon-Lime tasted like a weed gummy version of Sprite that numbed my soreness and helped me recover from a day of basketball with a solid eight hours. Scroll to the bottom of their website and look for District Edibles at your nearest dispensary!

Kiva Pineapple Habanero

kiva connections habanero

If you’re in California and you’ve never driven the El Camino Real, it’s worth a trip. It’s a 600-mile road built in the 18th century by the Spanish connecting missions from San Diego to the Bay Area. That’s one kind of a journey and the Kiva Camino Pineapple Habanero weed gummies are another. This is a niche edible, only suitable for people who enjoy sweet heat candy. Kiva started making edibles in 2010 when they debuted their flagship chocolate bar. Their weed gummies are a more recent addition to the product lineup. They’ve established a reputation for unique flavors, with Sparkling Pear and Blenheim Apricot, but Pineapple Habanero stands above the pack. Like I said, only go for this one if you like the spicy-sweet combo. It’s nice to have wild options for weed gummies.

Plus Gummies

plus weed gummies

Some weed gummies try to maximize their THC potential. Plus Gummies take the opposite approach, spreading their 100 milligrams per package over small 5 milligram pieces for microdoses. Their sugar cube weed gummies come in a convenient tin with flavours like Pink Lemonade, Sour Blueberry, Blackberry & Lemon and Pineapple & Coconut. The tins come in sativa, indica and hybrid, like most brands, but also feature packages with mixtures of THC and CBD. They have a sativa and indica balance with 7:3 and 9:1 ratio respectively. It’s a mix you don’t often see in edibles, so if you’re thinking about expanding your weed gummy palette give them a try.

Kushy Punch TKO

kushy punch weed gummies

Kushy Punch has become a staple in California in the last three years, largely on the strength of their TKO weed gummies. This is their strongest product in a line that features sativas, indicas and hybrids. Coming in at 200 milligrams for medical customers, it doesn’t matter what kind of strain is used in the TKO, because these weed gummies should be approached with caution. In their older packaging, the gummies were split into four 50 milligram pieces. Now Kushy Punch TKO comes in eight pieces, so it’s easier to dose, but the potential is there to push the ceiling of your limit. These are the weed gummies I go to if I’m grabbing edibles for a party and want to ensure everyone lifts off. The name might say TKO but there’s no ambiguity in its results.

Lord Jones

lord jones weed gummies

Marketing themselves at luxury weed gummies, Lord Jones began selling their CBD edibles in doses larger than the typical 10 milligrams. This is good for customers that need extra push to alleviate their chronic pain or smooth anxiety. Lord Jones’ edibles come in nine doses of 20 milligrams in a nostalgic gumdrop form. In my experience, they seemed to set in quicker than typical edibles. This could be because they use broad spectrum cannabidiol, which includes terpenes and other cannabinoids that increase the effects in a phenomenon called the entourage effect. Lord Jones also sports clean, ornate packaging which makes it stand out in your lineup and they can be delivered straight to you since they don’t include THC.

Fruit Slabs

fruit slabs weed gummies

If you ever enjoyed fruit roll-ups as a kid, it’s time to transition to fruit slab edibles. Fruit Slabs weed gummies have the texture of your favorite kids snacks, with the health of a Whole Foods treat. They’re made with organic ingredients into flavors like OG Mango, Grape Ape and Tropical Haze. Then they’re pressed and individually sliced into quick 10 milligram pieces that practically melt when you eat them. I know it’s all subjective, but these are potent weed gummies. In my time taking them, they have one of the highest and most potent onsets. It might be because they start to dissolve in your mouth, which can allow the THC into your bloodstream quicker. Regardless, they taste incredible and have the potential to wreck your day in the best way possible. I wish I had some right now.

Green Roads CBD

green roads weed gummies

Green Roads is a good CBD supplement for anyone who wants to buy healthy weed gummies in bulk. They come in the standard 10-milligram dose, but their standard bottle comes with 300 milligrams total. Using a full-spectrum CBD profile, these gummy bears are fine-tuned to help people with anxiety issues or hypertension. The bottle comes with multiple flavors of sour gummy bears, so there’s always a variety. These aren’t exclusive to California, since they don’t contain THC, but you’ll find them in many dispensaries across the area.


The first step in choosing an edible is to think about smoking weed vs ingesting weed. If you’re a smoker then chances are you won’t really love ingesting. Although it’s worth a try.