best weed grinder in the world

Like everything else in the world of cannabis, the question “Should you grind your weed?” will get a different response based on who you talk to. Ask a forty-year-old in a non-legal state who’s smoked a metric ton of White Owls in his life and he’ll probably growl, “hell no”. It’s 2019 though. Weed technology is constantly evolving and so should your smoking methods. Long story short, you should be grinding your weed. Sure there’s a holistic element to feeling the sticky nugs between your fingers but, unless you’re smoking out of pounds, it’s wildly inefficient. You lose residual THC on your fingers, stems can slip into your bowl or joint, and, no matter how precise you are, the chunks aren’t gonna be even. So from every angle, it’s a good idea to grind your bud.

best weed grinders in the worldWhat should you expect from a good grinder? While some of that answer depends on your personal needs or what looks nice to you, you just need to make sure it gives you a reliable, even, consistent grind. Whether you pack bowls, vape, or roll joints, it’s important for your grinder to give you the same results across the board.

But once you know that, where do you go? The options are almost as endless as cannabis varietals. Do you go with a traditional grinder or a fancy electronic one? What kind of consistency will it produce? How many pieces does it have and how well will it catch that kief we prize so much? These are all valid questions and we’ve navigated the world of grinders to bring you the best weed grinder in the world as it stands in 2019. But this list includes manual and electronic grinders (we’ll be stocking soon), metal and ceramic grinders, grinders with magnetic lids, simple grinders and grinders with a maze of chambers. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find something that fits your needs here.

Best Get-the-Job Done Grinder in the World

santa cruz shredder grinder

Perhaps all the talk about options and variety above doesn’t concern you. You just want a reliable grinder that will get the job done every time so you can get to what’s important, smoking your bud. Santa Cruz Shredder is the choice for ground-and-pound everyday use. They use medical-grade anodized aluminum in all their products, which come with a variety of chamber and size options. The medium 3-piece seems is a great middle ground that can cover most weed smokers. They use a tooth design that’s atypical of grinders but it’s designed to thread the pieces together smoothly. The grip is textured to make the action of grinding less painful for users with arthritis or wrist pain. Their medium-sized three-piece grinder is available in a number of colours to suit whatever style fits you. As they say on their website too, the bottom piece is shaped to allow easy finger scooping for whatever you use for cannabis, vapes, bowls or joints.

Best Niche Electronic Grinder in the World

otto weed grinder 2

If the internet is any indication, most of the electronic grinders people use for weed aren’t designed for weed. If you browse lists of top grinders you find generic herb grinders more suited to oregano than the dank sticky texture of pot. I even saw a salt grinder featured on one list. The Otto Grinder by Banana Bros is one of the few specifically designed for weed. We have to be clear though, it doesn’t advertise itself as a grinder. The folks at Banana Bros. market it as a milling machine. This just means the weed will be broken up into a finer grade, which is good if you plan to use it for its expressed purpose: cones. While this isn’t everyone’s smoking choice, it’s perfect for that method. Sensors in the top of the device use artificial intelligence (it’s in everything!) to gauge the thickness of your nugs and adjust its direction as needed. All you have to do is slide the cones into the holder, put the weed inside and press a button. Boom, a fresh cone. Again, this is designed for that specific smoking method so it’s not ideal for everyone, but it serves its target base well.

Best Weed Grinder in the World for Durability

space case weed grinderWhile most companies involved with marijuana are relatively new, Space Case has been crafting grinders in San Clemente, California for over twenty years and it’s said they could survive a drop from space. Not really, but you get the point. Their main selling point is durability and that comes from their unique “aerospace-grade” aluminum sourced from an exclusive provider in the United States. It comes with a lifetime warranty but you might not need it. Some users have posted reviews online claiming they’ve had their Space Case since college in the early 2000s! We recommend the 4 pieces, as it gives you a nice-sized chamber to seize all the kief that drops to the bottom, plus a triangle scraper to help you grab every bit of dust out the corners. The colour selection is nice as well; simple but unique enough to spark envy from your homies.

Best Weed Grinder in the World for Options

kannastor weed grinderI don’t think I’ve seen a grinder quite like the Kannastör GR8TR. At first, it looks overwhelming, a massive clump of layers that’s too confusing to figure out. But, once you peel back the mystery and novelty, you’re left with a highly functional grinder that can accommodate whatever smoking situation you find yourself in. With multiple pieces that can be rearranged, it’s actually fun to get lost organizing your grinder. GR8TRs come with interchangeable grinder plates, fine for vaping and easy standard for everything else, hidden storage compartments, sifting chambers and screens for just about any use you can think of. A nice feature that seems to get missed in all the moving parts is the see-through glass chamber which quickly tells you how much weed you have left in it. Not everyone needs options all the time and if that’s the case, all you need to do is collapse it down into a basic three-piece grinder for smoking on-the-go.

Best Grinder in the World for Vaping

mendo mulcher weed grinderAs you can see, the Mendo Mulcher looks more fierce than your standard 4-piece grinder. That’s because it has over eighty teeth that do the hard work of breaking down your bud. To put that in perspective, the grinder sitting on my coffee table right now doesn’t even have twenty-five. What this collection of teeth allows is an incredibly fine grind, which is exactly what you need if you’re rocking with an herbal vaporizer. Produced in Mendocino, California—now you get the name—mulcher is a great name to describe the fine, almost powder-like grinds this thing produces. Vaporizers work better with even, particle grinds and the Mendo Mulcher is built for that. It doesn’t go for flash to draw you in, but its classic aluminum finish is indicative of how reliable it is.