Febreze Cover up Theory


About a week ago, there was a post on Twitter by username Betting Bruiser. He posted a short vid of the inside of Canopy Growth’s half-billion-dollar facility in Aldergrove. The entire crop was brown and dead. A statement from the company said that they had expected to get their processing license but hadn’t in time so they just let the crop die. Other news sites have other speculations. Some of them include an issue with mold, poor environmental controls/air flow, fungus, and some other weird weed-disease.

I have another theory and this one hasn’t been mentioned yet. The theory I have is actually based on a story I heard from a local highly-respected grower. It’s a crazy tale yet it still seems to make sense. Apparently, the Canopy grow was being supervised by former tomato growers. They failed to recognize that the greenhouse the zillion plants were in would get too hot to sustain weed-plant life in the summer and so when the heat started killing the plants, they panicked and opened the windows to their growing operation. The smell that came out of the facility was so strong and pungent that the neighbors of the facility started losing their minds and began complaining to anyone who would listen. Faced with angry neighbors and most likely pressure from law enforcement, they decided to do the only thing they knew how to kill the massive smell busting out of the facility: they started pumping Febreze into fans directed out of the windows. Great idea right? You have a smell you don’t like, all you need to do is spray some Febreze. The only problem with that logic, in this case, is that weed crops don’t like Febreze.

It’s also rumored that this wasn’t the first time the Canopy facility failed to produce a healthy crop. The company denies this rumor yet many people more or less informed insist that they indeed did have an additional total crop failure.

OK, what do you think?

If you are a pot-growing genius and know it all and don’t believe this story, hit us up.