cherry wine cbd

Raw Garden prides itself on clean and accessible concentrates. Grown in the wine country of California’s Santa Barbara County, they merge their knowledge of farming and biotechnology to produce superior flower for concentrate extraction. Once picked, their cannabis is flash frozen at -120 degrees, vacuum-sealed and driven in refrigerated trucks to the manufacturing facility. Freezing the cannabis fresh pauses the plant’s life cycle to maintain its potency, fragrance, and taste at the exact time it was harvested. During the extraction process, they can choose a number of different final products including, sugars, live resin, and their classic sauce oil. The flavor and THC-CBD ratio variety are what make Raw Garden a respected name in California concentrates.

Cherry Wine Sauce, one of their latest releases, is a CBD dominant cross between The Wife and Charlottes Cherries, two CBD-rich strains. At around eight percent THC and almost sixty percent CBD, this therapeutic strain gives tremendous relief for conditions like anxiety and chronic pain. Many in review forums say it’s one of their favorite CBD strains and compliment the complexity of its terpene profile. While the CBD is the main draw of this concentrate, the small amount of THC does produce a stimulating effect that balances well with the strain’s overall calming effects. It has the strong smell and taste of cherries as you would expect, with a few users even reporting it tasting like fresh pineapple on some dabs. Instead of the typical amber or golden hue to the sauce, Cherry Wine has a white, translucent color to it.

Holding cherry wine raw garden sauce If you’re in California we’d recommend trying Cherry Wine or other Raw Garden strains. Cherry Wine combines its subtle THC profile with the melting relief of a hyperactive CBD that allows you to dab and still function throughout the day. Find a California location to stock up on Cherry Wine, Raw Garden Sauces and other concentrates.