cococanna butter jar held above a cloud

There are thousands of coconut butter products on the market and thousands more of hemp oil products. But there is one item in particular which blends the two beautifully and promises the best of both worlds: CocoCanna.

Made in Los Angeles with organic certified, cold pressed, unrefined virgin coconut oil from the Philippines, and triple lab tested hemp oil extracts, CocoCanna elegantly raises the traditional body butter standard. By blending in the hemp oil extracts, the hydration normally derived from coconut butter is amplified considerably, delivering powerful moisture and healing properties even with a small amount of product. Cococanna can help to firm skin, reduce inflammation, and is an excellent pore minimizer and agent against acne (it helps regulate sebaceous glands). The infusion of hemp also provides tension relief in your muscles and increases collagen production, helping your skin feel younger and healthier. The butter itself is easy to apply, has a solid consistency without being overly oily, smells A1, and it all comes in a premium-feel jar.

Coconut Oil + Hemp = Happiness

For my part, I suffer from dry hands and an oily face, but also a fairly dry scalp. After using CocoCanna for weeks on my hands, arms, face, and anywhere else that needed some hydration and hemp love, founder Anna Pfleghaar told me to try it on my scalp as well. Lo and behold, CocoCanna has moisturized my scalp to the point that it softened the texture and look of the hair itself. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first and only product I have ever tried which works on my entire body — from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

Available online, at Come Back Daily boutiques in NYC, and at The Salon Project inside Saks Fifth Avenue’s flagship store in Manhattan, CocoCanna body butter is quite possibly the best cannabis-infused moisturizing product this writer has ever used. Creator Pfleghaar, a female Millennial cannabis entrepreneur, started CocoCanna three years ago after her move from NYC to LA roused her interest in the burgeoning cannabis space.

“I knew I could contribute in a positive way to the cannabis space,” she tells Primo.Cannabis has been an active part of my life for many years and an effective healing solution for me, so I personally knew the power it held.”

So why is CocoCanna so special?

smelling cocco canna jar

“It’s a simple solution to a multitude of issues… you can literally use it for just about everything,“ explains Pfleghaar. “Coconut and CBD are actually a molecular match made in heaven, creating the perfect delivery system in CocoCanna. Clients have told me it’s helped their sun spots nearly vanish; it’s replaced steroid creams for skin conditions; it relieves chronic inflammation and pain.”

As a cannabis activist, Pfleghaar understands the need for alternatives when it comes to pharmaceutical intervention — especially cannabis-focused alternatives. “We really have to believe in what we’re doing in the cannabis space because it’s such a powerful alternative to big pharma. Wellness should be at the forefront of innovation in every way, and we’re fighting against a long history of complacent behaviour and toxic ingredients.”

CocoCanna is one of the best premium body butter products available today, and with an accessible price tag, a high concentration of CBD, and the ability to supplement or replace certain prescribed drugs or topicals, it’s also one of the best buys in an increasingly saturated market.