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We want you guys consuming PRIMO cannabis with peace of mind and confidence that you’re not breaking any weed laws. It’s incredibly confusing with everything that’s going on in the states, and there seems to be little agreeance between them all. Then up north across the border, you’ve got Canada where it’s federally legal. But what does it really mean to be legal? We’ll make it real simple for you in this series, so you can pass it on to the homies without having to sift through all the legislative bullshit. It’s easy, we’re calling it Weed Law For Dummies to inform you about the necessities at home and abroad. This is episode 3: Colorado Weed Laws.

Colorado Weed Laws Dos and Dont’s

Colorado now has two separate marijuana law systems, one for medical and one for recreational, and they’re among the most lenient in the United States. The numbers for recreational are roughly half the number of the product allowed for medical patients. Recreational users can hold up to an ounce on their person and grow up to three plants, “as long as they stay where they’re planted.” But we’re the ones floating away, not the plants.

Historical Points

Like most states, Colorado’s history with weed is harsh up until this millennium. In 2000, Colorado voters approved Amendment 20, which established the framework for a legal medicinal marijuana system in the state. Once residents got written medical approval, they were able to hold two ounces on their person and grow up to six plants in their home. This was four years after California became the first state to implement a medical marijuana program. Colorado would set history as one of the first states to successfully pass recreational pot legalization on November 6, 2012. They were not the first to implement it, however, as they opted to make recreational fully legal at the start of 2014. In the time between the vote and the laws taking effect, Washington State beat them by having to let laws fall into effect at the end of 2012.

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