field extracts brand and what to buy

We had the honour of stopping by the F/ELD Extracts office where we got to test out their product and get to know the Field Extracts team and vision.

Everything at Field Extracts is top shelf, so it’s no surprise they hold multiple 1st place awards for Best Hash Rosin, as well as recognition for solvent-less hash and vapes.

But they’re not interested in the mainstream corporate hustle that’s invading the legal cannabis industry… It’s a different mindset when you’re veterans in the game with 30+ combined years and enough experience to control the quality of all product released. But we were in for a treat when they brought out their live resin sauce.

Field Extracts live resin

When buying concentrates from F/ELD, you’re not just paying for great packaging and a custom dabber, you’re paying for the cleanest, strongest, and most flavorful smoke. The first thing you notice when you open the sauce jar to inspect the concentrate is the colour, consistency, and scent. We made sure to come into this with a clean palette, not consuming any flower or concentrates prior. Our sauce had a beautiful honey colour with golden highlights and beautiful consistency. The scent was not overpowering, but noticeable which is expected from a well-extracted concentrate. Slightly earthy with some tones of OG – we were excited to see how it smoked. With a medium temp hit, it was smooth and enjoyable and full of terps. Definitely a step above other LA companies with “terps” that are oily or overpowering to the actual concentrates themselves. But we were content with F/ELD’s balance of sweet flavours and raw, earthy tones. Nothing to resent here, and all to enjoy.

Field Extracts