Fronto Leaf: An Alternative To Backwoods

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Blunts and Rap Music

At this point, it’s ridiculous to make generalizations about regional smoking differences. Like rap, weed culture has become homogenized by the internet, so you can find every type of smoker in each corner of the world. The old adages of “Cali smokers prefer Swishers” (I’m not sure why that was ever said) or “New York likes Dutch Masters” are pointless and reductive. If you closely analyze rap culture though, which at this point is inseparable from true underground weed culture, you’ll notice the growing preference of whole leaf tobacco among some of its notable names. Last year Atlanta’s Key! namedropped Fronto in his “Toronto” track, L.A.’s Earl Sweatshirt posted photos of what looks like a slab of Asada on his head, and Don Q spoke with HotNewHipHop about how to roll the odd-looking leaf. So what is Fronto Leaf, how do you roll it, and why would you switch?

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Fronto leaf is one brand of whole leaf tobacco, along with Grabba and Hot Skull. So basically, instead of individual blunts in a package like White Owls or Backwoods, Fronto will be a Ziploc pouch with a typically large cut of an unprocessed tobacco leaf. Usually grown in Jamaica or some part of the Caribbean, Fronto leaf gives you a deep, bold, efficient and potent smoke. Before it’s popularity in the United States, Fronto leaf tobacco was specifically enjoyed by Jamaicans and other Caribbean Islanders.

Fronto Leaf being held up

The main appeal that Fronto has for me is saving money. A whole Fronto leaf can net you anywhere from 10-30 blunts, depending on how large you like to roll, and the most expensive leaf I’ve ever seen of any brand was about $8. If you’re in California or New York, that’s less expensive than many of the 5-pack Backwoods sold throughout the state. As I said before too, it’s unprocessed so you’re not going to get funky flavors, but that keeps out potentially harmful additives and chemicals that make your Swisher taste like Pineapple-Mango. So, if you’re looking to still get a bit of a nicotine buzz that comes from blunt smoking, Fronto leaf is the clear alternative.


Rolling one of these bad boys can be daunting at first glance but it’s really not hard. In fact, I’ve found it’s the easiest way to teach someone how to roll since they determine what size their blunt is.smoking Fronto leaf blunt  Because you have a huge leaf that you’re cutting with scissors, you can cut any size and don’t have to conform to predetermined sizes whether too big or small. Once you’ve figured out the right size for that session, cut it into a square and roll as you would a normal blunt. This makes rolling easier for people who can’t get used to the odd shape of Backwoods but still want that leaf smoke. The only things you need to watch for in a Fronto leaf are the veins. If you’re used to Backwoods you’re familiar with the pesky part of the leaf that prevents certain parts of the blunt from sticking. With Fronto, all you have to do is cut around. Trust me, you won’t win the fight.

If you’re not a blunt smoker, Fronto probably won’t convert you. But, if you’re a seasoned blunt smoker and want to switch it up with a more economical and efficient smoke that keeps all the flavour and body of the Backwoods you love, you should start picking up some Fronto leaf.