Indoor Vs Outdoor Weed

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Indoor Vs Outdoor Weed

Indoor Vs Outdoor Weed infographic

Indoor Vs Outdoor Weed infographic

There are some distinct differences between indoor and outdoor-grown weed. With many varied reasons on why either or could be your ideal product for consumption. Lets breakdown indoor vs outdoor weed, what makes them different, their origins, their processes, and their effects. Allowing the reader to make their own decisions on which they rather consume and what method they would prefer to be used.

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Humble beginnings: Outdoor Weed

Outdoor cannabis plants were naturally the first of its origin. Said to have been originated in Asia and grown naturally for hundreds and hundreds of years. Once humankind began to understand the many uses of plant matter and agriculture, they began to differentiate plants based on their primary uses. Some were used for medicine, some were used for fiber, some for food, and some for their psychoactive effects. Cannabis was one of the latter used for spiritual ceremonies and rituals.

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The New Age: Indoor Weed

Centuries later when this plant was properly understood, and beloved by all that chose to partake in its use. People began to experiment with the environment in which it was grown and developed. Creating man-made environments with more control over the plant’s growth process and outcome. This gave birth to the conversation of indoor vs outdoor weed.

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It was quickly established that in terms of their size Indica strains were found much easier to control. A slower growth paired with a shorter flowering period than the Sativa strains. Genetically the Indica strains are not well suited to handle rainy climates but can flourish in high temperatures. These environments are much easier to re-create. The indoor grows with Sativa plants yielded different results. In terms of size, they are much more difficult to control until the very end of the process. Continually growing upward all through the flowering period, growing extremely tall. Much more resistant to high humidity.

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After these firsts experiences with indoor growing a very extended process began were growers were to adapt to this new growing technique. This is what gave birth to a plethora of  hybrid strains. Producing quality yields, perfectly suited for indoor growing conditions and uniquely designed strains optimized for indoor growth. Not to mention the grower is  able to be monitor the process closely – allowing for attention to detail and excellence. These strains were able to be created with distinct purposes, properties, and effects. These new hybrid strains were created by crossing Indica and Sativa strains or hybrid with hybrid, combining the best characteristics of more than one genetic.

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The knowledge of the plant has expanded immensely by the advancement of technology. For both indoor and outdoor methods. Outdoor methods of growing were also greatly expanded in areas were outdoor farming was naturally suited such as Northern California and Southern Oregon. Noting the differences between indoor vs outdoor weed is important for not only the consumer choosing their favorite products, but for also the aspiring cannabis farmer.

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A meticulous farmer could find many reasons to grow indoor vs outdoor weed. Being able to control temperature, light source, CO2 production, humidity levels,  and to choose the location.  Being able to have complete control over the grow environment is a very attractive concept to growers. The ability to create a completely stable habitat to optimize growth without risking outdoor elements.

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It is true that no man-made bulb can produce the same unique spectrum of light that the sun can. Limiting outdoor grows to less vigorous plants and smaller yields. However indoor grows result in higher levels of THC and more perfected looking flowers. There are still many benefits to outdoor growing which is very hard to perfectly mimic in a controlled environment. Outdoor plants have a natural ecosystem of wasps, ants, and ladybugs that protect them from mites and other predators.

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If mites appear in an indoor growing environment it can be difficult to safely eradicate them. Consumers of the products share deep concerns over the use of pesticides and insecticides. This one of the reasons why there is no clear cut answer on indoor vs outdoor weed. However, there are many differences between them creating a range of viable options for the unique grower and consumer.

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There is a quite substantial initial investment needed to begin an indoor or an outdoor grow, but the difference in cost is substantial in the long term. The lion share of costs associated with outdoor grows occur in the startup phase. However indoor climate control systems can cost a massive amount to operate. Labor costs for the two methods also vary drastically. With outdoor growers, they are working with one crop for the entire season. Making it possible for large output outdoor farms to operate with up to four employees full-time. That is until harvest. When naturally workers will need to be brought in.

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For indoor gardens, there is a continual turnover. Resulting in the need for constant work, trellising, watering, feeding, and harvest work is ongoing and very demanding. Overall the cost of indoor growing is more expensive in nearly every way. However, these high costs can be offset and recouped through year-round harvests, potent products with higher selling points, and breeding projects.  Indoor environments also allow for the cultivation of strains that would not be possible to cultivate in their respective local outdoor environment. One could argue that with the increase in demand for flower, and the rising costs of energy, outdoor farming could be able to supply the market with quality products at a more reasonable price.

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The quality of these products is also very different. It is widely accepted that indoor cannabis is of the highest quality product. The ability to control your environment, to remove restrictions on capabilities of grow, and to speed up breeding has resulted in a wide range of flavor profiles and visually captivating strains. The ability to increase and control CO2 levels that what is available in the natural environment dramatically increases the size and growth rate of the buds. While also increasing the THC levels to a standard that is very difficult to obtain naturally. To further amplify the argument for indoor quality, the crops also do not have to deal with the natural elements of rain, wind or any other that can damage the outdoor crops.

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The indoor buds, therefore, remain in perfect condition without weathering from the elements. Indoor environments allow products to be cured in a controlled manner, while the scale of most indoor gardens allow for harvesting to take place in peak conditions. With that said, some consumers find organically grown cannabis with natural sunlight preferable to indoor products. There is one primary source of all the negative opinions and blanket statements about outdoor cannabis. The fact that for the most part it is grown illegally. Meaning that outdoor cannabis growers need to take risks to grow their products. Creating a rushed growing environment to avoid being raided, aggressive handling in order to get it to market quickly, and curing is at times non-existent.

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As the laws, progress and outdoor farms are able to take their time and increase their care with farming outdoor crops. We will naturally see an increase in quality. Naturally growing outdoors involves much less damage to the environment. As constant around the clock lighting is needed so are hugely powerful high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights. These lights are on par with the lights found in hospital operating rooms. Using more than 500 times the illumination recommended for reading. It is said that growing only a couple of pounds of weed can have the same environmental toll as driving across America seven times.

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In conclusion for indoor vs outdoor weed, it is difficult to say which is best as it is all about what you value in a product. Whether that be THC levels, the aesthetic of the buds, the carbon footprint of production, the prices, or natural vs man-made aspects. Many modern-day smokers prefer indoor products, however, there is a wide range of smokers who swear by organic. The choice is yours.