Kush.com Co-Founder Interview

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Given that the cannabis industry is still so new, a proper marketplace has yet to be established. Cannabis laws are complicated, esoteric, and often change from one year to the next based on public perceptions. Medical marijuana only became available in the 1990s, and unlucky for most, in just five states. So for most of the industry’s history, marketplaces, where buyers and sellers could easily maneuver business transactions, were nonexistent — until now.

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Kush.com is a legal cannabis marketplace, bridging the gap between licensed producers, processors and retailers, with an innovative Business-2-Business platform for wholesale transactions and business development. With a curated network of vetted buyers and sellers, Kush.com streamlines sales and procurement procedures, freeing up resources for cannabis and hemp brands so they can scale as quickly as the industry is growing — no matter which size the company may be. Kush.com offers an easier way into the cannabis industry, even for the total novice or mom and pop shop.

Now with thousands of satisfied customers, millions of dollars in completed transactions, and a fast-growing and expansive marketplace of verified users, Kush.com seems poised to become the leading cannabis exchange platform of the future.

We had the chance to speak with Co-founder and CEO Chase Nobles about his entrepreneurial journey, how Kush.com was born out of a love of tourism, and what’s next for his burgeoning cannabis marketplace.

So how did Kush.com get started?

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The idea first started to take shape in 2013 when I met my business partner Mike Gordon on a white water kayaking trip. This was shortly after the first recreational ballot measures were passed in both Colorado and Washington and we got to talking about creating a platform that would bridge the cannabis industry with tourism. We launched Kush Tourism in 2014, on Saint Patrick’s Day, in Seattle. That venture was very successful, and during that time we had brought together a really amazing community, one we realized would necessitate a marketplace that would allow cannabis farmers to connect directly with buyers and sellers, eliminating the need for the standard broker model. And so in 2016, we created Kush.com!

How does Kush.com work for users?

Through the platform, we facilitate large wholesale transactions between licensed farms and product manufacturers, all in accordance with the various state laws and regulations, of course.  We also go beyond being just a marketplace by providing free, up-to-date industry data, business support, industry-specific tutorials, and marketplace pricing indexes for our users. This gives them access to resources and information that help them make well-informed decisions as they seek to build their businesses.

And how are things going for Kush.com now?

Since its inception, we have facilitated over $13 million in transactions and are expecting nearly $100 million to close in the next eight months. It has been extremely gratifying and rewarding to have seen the growth we’ve had, all while getting to know a lot of these farmers and business owners first hand.  This strong community we’ve helped build is fostering meaningful connections, and all together we’re driving the legal hemp and cannabis industries toward responsible expansion and global acceptance.

Responsible expansion has a lot to do with people understanding the machinations of the cannabis industry. What are the challenges traditional supply chains face when it comes to cannabis?

The cannabis industry seems to be five times harder than any other industry. Laws in this space are constantly changing, and while many are for the good, some have shown negative unintended consequences. As the industry continues to grow, more farmers and product manufacturers are entering the field, and as production costs go down and supply increases, prices drop. This can drastically hurt small businesses, especially when considering that this industry does not come with standard business support systems that are readily available in virtually all other industries. But it’s these challenges that actually fuel Kush.com and push us to find solutions.

Where is Kush.com planning to expand next, and what’s the next big thing in the industry?

There is so much growth happening right now and in every direction. Kush.com’s network is continuing to grow along with it, expanding by the hundreds every day. I think the next huge market explosion will be hemp! Marijuana and hemp are the same plants except that one is federally legal, while the other is not. I think hemp will push all markets forward and bring many other cannabinoids to the masses!

As the most expansive and quickly evolving industry in the world, Cannabis pioneers are taking their share of the market with new technology and products. We’re always on the hunt for these personalities and individuals. Stay up to date with our Featured section for more stories and interviews with industry experts and pioneers.