Leira Cannagars on lead


Since legalization isn’t universal (yet), the cannabis industry has unique products across markets. While it would be nice to get your favourite strain or edible wherever you travelled, it does make travelling to legal states an adventure when it comes to discovering marijuana products. If you happen to be in Washington state or Las Vegas, you can try one of the latest high-class stoner indulgences: the Leira Cannagar.

Imagine a blunt but, instead of tobacco, the bud is wrapped in a cannabis leaf. Not a cheap “gas station” blunt either, but a high-quality, aficionado-level cigar. That’s the concept for the Cannagar. While there are plenty of companies scrambling to jump on the new trend, Washington’s Leira was one of the innovators.

Their cannabis leaves are filled with ground-up weed and a cannabis concentrate mixed in to give extra THC punch. Leira also only uses top-shelf pot. The company makes two versions of their “Cannagar” blunts: a “Cannarillo” filled with 4 grams of flower and half a gram of rosin and a “Corona” filled with 12 grams of flower and three grams of rosin. Prices vary, but the Cannarillo is usually around $100 and the Corona around $420. It’s a steep price, but they expect it to be a specialty celebration item for their customers. Leira rolls its cigars around a skewer, which leaves a hole down the center of the cigar. This gives them their smooth hit and that effortless smoking experience. “That helps keep it burning slow and also helps it burn smoothly,” according to Ariel Payopay, owner of Leira. “Our Cannarillos will last around an hour, and I’ve heard our coronas have lasted up to six hours.

Leira Cannagar Where To Buy

Leira is constantly adding new strains to the lineup and you can keep up with it on their Instagram page. Would you splurge on a Cannagar? Depends on how big the occasion. Find out where to purchase Leira Cannagars here.