Lumpy’s Flowers Sour Apple Haze

Lumpy’s Flowers has been a staple in the wine country region of Northern California for over 15 years. They pride themselves in producing handcrafted cannabis flowers and are popular for strains such as Apple Fritter and Reckless Rainbow. They’re a perennial contender for flower and concentrate awards at High Times Awards across California. For the New Year, they’ve dropped their latest potential award-winner, Sour Apple Haze.

Sour Apple Haze launches the iconic aroma you’d expect straight out of the bag. If you’re a fruit connoisseur as well, you’ll notice this is more candy apple than the real thing. It’s medium-bodied and potent with those candy notes prominent. Sour Apple Haze’ nugs are medium-to larger with lots of purple and orange tusks and lobes like you see in sativas like Jack Herer, but deep indica roots as well. This strain is great for management of chronic pain and light depression. An apple a day keeps the doctor…well you know.

sour apple haze

If you’re in California, check out these places to pick up Sour Apple Haze and other Lumpy’s flower.