Versace ashtray on blue background


“Be careful where you ash” is the first lesson in Toking 101. No matter how you like to roll your weed, you know from the first hit that it’s not socially acceptable to throw your ashes around. That doesn’t mean you have to let them fall into the same, basic ceramic dish your grandma used to chain smoke in the ’70s. Which is why we’re dosing you with some luxury ashtrays to kick that disgusting old beer can off your patio; some classic, timeless, sacred, or just plain weird items that you can use whenever you’re smoking.



There’s always a demand for designer quality,  and the world of marijuana is full of unique devices, products, collectibles and ephemera. Why settle with basic shit?  Whether its clothes, accessories or any variety of household item, there’s always a group of people itching to buy something rare. If you fall into this group, you might like ashing your joints in a tray from Versace’s line. From their classic Medusa symbol in porcelain with a crystal rim to vivid depictions of lions, sharks and gorillas. You’re paying top dollar though, the average cost of the trays currently available is over $350. If where you ash is as important and elegant as how you roll, these might be a future centrepiece.

luxury ashtrays versace

Standing Ashtray


Standing ashtrays are common enough but don’t usually enhance the smoking experience. They’re plastic, distinct from the environment and mostly found in crowding public spaces. However, if you’re willing to pay the price, you can get this carousel horse standing ashtray made sometime in the 1930s. It’s short but, compared to most ashtrays, pretty damn big. Definitely, a conversation starter if you have it on standby for your next party.

antique luxury ashtray

Ouija Ashtray

$20 bucks

This Ouija board ashtray isn’t ridiculously expensive or made of precious gems. It’s haunting and intriguing, a simple pie slice design that harkens back to the ouija boards many played with as a kid. We can’t guarantee it won’t move on its own.

luxury ashtrays

Stork Club


From 1929 to 1969, the Stork Club was one of the most prestigious nightclubs in the world. Elite stars from literature, movies, politics and all forms of entertainment frequented the spot in Manhattan, New York. Some stories include Ernest Hemingway having run up a $100,000 bill that he settled with a movie rights check and the Hope Diamond being lost under a table one night. One symbol that has survived is the Stork Club ashtray. Simple, round and black with white letters embalming the club’s name, these ashtrays have gained a cult love just for their association with the infamous scenes of NY nightlife. Finding an original can be difficult and expensive so beware of fakes, but you can always find a great imitation one to pretend you were sipping cocktails alongside Sinatra and the Kennedys.

luxury ashtrays stork

Famous Grouse


It’s odd what the internet chooses to give a second life, but for Famous Grouse Scotch they’re happy some promotional barware has turned into a collectible ashtray. In the early ’80s, the liquor company was searching for a way to promote their brand in a useable fashion, so they started sending out ashtrays to bulk customers and restaurant owners. To their surprise, people loved them and wanted them in their home. It’s a pleasant design, with the grouse bird featured in the middle behind sharp red letters and bordered with five cuts for resting your joints. They’re relatively inexpensive to snag today, but that doesn’t detract from their cult love.

luxury ashtray grouse