Moose Labs MouthPeace Review

moose labs mouth peace bong attachment

What is the Moose Labs MouthPeace?

When it comes to smoking flower, my preference is to use a bong. It’s classic, it’s great to use it with friends, and I just plain like it! But I recently came across a study that made me reconsider my life choices. Did you know that the average glass pipe has 1,304% more bacteria than a dog’s food bowl?! And when you share a smoking accessory with friends, bacteria levels can increase by 600% after only four people use a pipe one time each!

Try not to think about that next time you spark up. Sheesh!

Moose Labs, the creator of MouthPeace, just came out with a study that looks at the number of unhealthy bacteria that can build up on smoking accessories, especially ones that are being shared. In fact, they found that the average cannabis pipe is 1.5x dirtier than a public toilet. A public. Toilet. Try and remember the last time you used a public facility and what that experience was like. The smells, the stains, the ick factor. Now imagine putting all that in your mouth. Yeah.

mouthpeace on keychain

Thankfully, in addition to coming out with the grossest study results I’ve ever seen when it comes to cannabis consumption, Moose Labs has created a solution: the MouthPeace — a silicone device that helps reduce the spread of germs. One of the best weed smoking accessories.  This invention may seem a little silly at first, but once I saw how it worked (and remembered the icky results of that study), I came to appreciate it very much.

The MouthPeace is simple in its design — a silicone bowl that you can fit onto the end of a joint and the mouth of a bong! You place a small activated carbon filter roll inside and then smoke as usual. It comes with a lanyard that you can attach around your neck, or wrap securely around your piece (which is what I did), so it’s there and ready to use each time.

mouthpeace in bong stem

The flexibility of the material allows it to mould to whatever shape you need. That said, it’s not a perfect one-size-fits-all. While it fits in nicely to my bong, it’s not super secure, and anytime I passed or moved the bong, it fell out. However, the filter stayed inside and it’s not that big of a deal to pop it back in for each use. And, the lanyard it comes with prevented it from falling all the way off. That said, Moose Labs sell different sizes, so you can order one that fits best for your smoking accessory.

Here’s the real reason this product excites me: I’m lazy. While I definitely change out the water in my bong frequently, I’m not really giving it a thorough daily cleaning. Resin and junk easily build up in the glass, and it doesn’t look pretty. Instead of harnessing the power of Mr. Sparkle to shine my bong every day, I just ignore it. But it’s a visible reminder of the yuck that accompanies the yum that is cannabis. Using a MouthPeace makes me feel better about cutting down on unhealthy byproducts and bacteria that come with smoking. In my opinion one of the best weed smoking accessories.

mouthpeace filters

According to Moose Labs report, “…using a MouthPeace resulted in bacteria levels up to 5924% lower than tests where a MouthPeace was not used.” That is a lot less bacteria than I ever imagined I was consuming. It makes me wonder about the passing coughs I’ve had in the past. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe and only costs $9.99!

With moderate use, I was able to get a week out of one filter. Each roll comes with 10 filters, for $8, which is not bad at all for over two months of bacteria-free smoke! The filters themselves are made from biodegradable and recycled materials and include activated carbon filtration. It makes inhaling the smoke smoother, and it filters out any yucky taste, leaving just the notes of the cannabis (which can produce even better flavour!). In fact, according to the company, “…the triple-layer activated carbon filters will sanitize smoke/vapour and enhance flavours by removing resins, toxins, and tar; all without blocking THC/CBD or reducing airflow.” Meaning — you get all the good without any of the gunk!

mouthpeace bong filter The MouthPeace is also fairly discreet looking in size and shape, so you can bring it with you whenever you go out. And yes, you’ll become that person that pulls it out when the bong starts getting passed around. While you might get some funny looks, the moment you mention how much bacteria you’re preventing from entering your lungs, I bet your friends will be changing their minds asap! For the low initial cost and the rather affordable upkeep costs for what you’re getting in return, the MouthPeace is one of the best weed smoking accessories.