omura vaporizer on a desk

Conventional wisdom would say that burning your cannabis or CBD flower with a flame is the optimal way to smoke. Yet a sustainability-driven cannabis technology and design company, Omura, is challenging that notion with their sleek and ultra-modern new vaporizer ($79 USD) that may change the way many users consume flower cannabinoids forever.

Now available online and in dispensaries across California and medical markets in Arizona and Maryland, the Omura vape is a whole new take on mobile consumption technology. With a proprietary “heat-not-burn” technology that combines the innovative benefits of vaping with the ritual of smoking whole flower, Omura claims to deliver an enlightened and eco-friendly cannabis experience, every time.

Omura vaporizer and chocolate

“Our Omura device uses convection technology that heats the flower without burning it, maintaining the full cannabinoid and terpene profiles for an optimal ‘Entourage Effect,” says BJ Carretta, Head of Marketing for Omura (terpenes provide flavor and aromas to cannabis, as well as added physiological and cerebral effects, so when the molecular structure of the terpenes match up well with the cannabinoids, you have an optimal “entourage effect” of flavor and effects). “An Omura cartridge is inserted into the re-chargeable air-form vaporizer. The cannabis is then heated according to the proprietary ‘heat curve’ to vaporize the cannabinoids and terpenes for consumption.”“Our Omura device uses convection technology that heats the flower without burning it, maintaining the full cannabinoid and terpene profiles for an optimal ‘Entourage Effect,’” 

Engineered for both the canna-curious and the ritualistic user, I found the Omura pleasant to hold in the hand with an excellent, albeit new for me, smoking experience. The device’s controls are also intuitive and fresh. The Omura vape presents a new way to smoke: a controlled, calm, and very precise way. I never once became uncomfortable with the amount of smoke I was afforded by the vape, and both setup and cleanup were breezes with the included Omura paper smoking cartridges.

calibrated heat curve diagramOmura places its highest premium on ingredient transparency and fully discloses who it’s farming partners are and the full composition of its cannabis sticks.

“Many traditional vape pens on the market contain hidden ingredients like Propylene Glycol, a chemical shown to be harmful,” says Carretta. “And in general, there isn’t a lot of transparency about what goes into oil and how it’s made. Omura cartridges come pre-packed with whole flower, so the user does not have to worry about what they are inhaling.”

The demand from the cannabis community for a smoking device like the Omura vape — exact measurements, transparent ingredients — is, in Carretta’s eyes, due to the market maturing. People are becoming more wary of faulty parts or undisclosed ingredients, and companies like Omura are stepping in.

“We see consumers becoming more and more curious and intelligent about the marketplace,” explains Carretta. “As the space continues to mature, people will want to know exactly what they are consuming. The cannabis industry is exhilarating and constantly evolving, and we are proud to be part of it.“