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We want you guys consuming PRIMO cannabis with peace of mind and confidence that you’re not breaking any weed laws. It’s incredibly confusing with everything that’s going on in the states, and there seems to be little agreeance between them all. Then up north across the border, you’ve got Canada where it’s federally legal. But what does it really mean to be legal? We’ll make it real simple for you in this series, so you can pass it on to the homies without having to sift through all the legislative bullshit. It’s easy, we’re calling it Weed Law For Dummies to inform you about the necessities at home and abroad. This is episode 2: Oregon Weed Laws.


While the standard driving and public prohibitions still exist, you may possess up to one ounce of usable marijuana on your person and up to eight ounces in your home or residence. Unlike the time of less strict medical-only laws of the past, you can only have up to four plants in your possession, public or private.


There’s research to suggest different regions of the United States have distinct psychological bents. It’s not surprising that West Coast residents tend to be creative and relaxed and this attitude is reflected in their weed laws. Oregon, the Beaver State tucked away just north of California, holds bragging rights as the first state to decriminalize marijuana in 1973. After the Oregon Decriminalization Bill passed, possession of anything less than an ounce of dry herb was a violation, still punishable by a $500-$1000 fine, so it wouldn’t count against a criminal record. This wasn’t enough freedom for Oregon residents though.

Twenty-five years later, The Oregon Medical Marijuana Act was established, by a citizen initiative ballot measure. This allowed you to obtain a medical card with a history of a qualifying illness and cardholders could possess a pound and a half of cultivated weed without fine or punishment and grow over twenty plants!

This was law from 1998 to 2014 until residents wanted legalization for all. Measure 91 made recreational weed legal. It passed in 2014 with a majority of the vote, but only legalized use and cultivation and didn’t establish a system to integrate the recreational users into the existing medical dispensaries. Governor Kate Brown signed an emergency bill allowing recreational sales starting October 2015 and followed up with formalized legislation the following year.

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