Papa And Barkley Releaf Balm

I’m getting older. That doesn’t seem relevant but it is. While I thought I would be just as resilient in my late 20s as I was through college, everything affects me more now: drinking, exercise, recovering from illness, etc. That’s why lately I’ve been searching for CBD products to help alleviate some of the soreness and pain that’s cropping up in places I wouldn’t expect. At first, I thought there were only edibles, oils and the occasional flower or concentrate that could help until I got my hands on a sample of Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm about a year ago. For a while, it sat on my desk and I didn’t think I needed it. Then I decided to apply it to my forearm when I strained a muscle in that area during a workout and I was shocked at the relief I was missing.

Papa & Barkley balm containers

Papa & Barkley was started by a son looking to give his father relief from debilitating back pain and now they’ve extended that care to thousands of customers since. Based in California, Papa & Barkley’s signature item, the Releaf Balm, is a balanced ratio of THC to CBD in a balm that contains peppermint, coconut oil, beeswax and eucalyptus, among other natural ingredients. While there are varying ratios, the 3:1 THC:CBD is the most popular and the one that brought me my pain alleviation. Though it contains THC, it’s non-psychoactive, meaning you don’t get a traditional high off it. That doesn’t stop the effects from working as quickly as a bong rip.

Papa & Barkley balm skin application on model

A growing body of research suggests that cannabis compounds work with each other to produce synergistic health effects. This means that, while cannabinoids are powerful on their own, mixing the compounds CBD and THC can produce different effects. Some of the therapeutic benefits of CBD might also get amplified by the presence of THC, even in minuscule amounts. Papa & Barkley is on the front line of pushing what’s possible by mixing these two compounds. As a result, their balm is perfect for joint pain, muscle aches, chronic inflammation, soreness, arthritis, and pretty much any other ailment you could use a topical for. Check out their locations when you’re in California and let us know what you think!