tower pre rolled joints california

In theory, pre-rolls should be the greatest thing you can pick up from your local cannabis dispensary. Instead of having to worry about preparing the bud and perfecting the rolling paper, someone’s taken care of it for you. All you have to do is smoke. If you’ve had any experience with pre-rolls, you know this isn’t the reality.

As cannabis continues to spread and become mainstream, some companies and dispensaries decide to cut corners. The weed isn’t the “top-shelf” they advertised, sometimes it’s full of stems, the paper doesn’t burn properly and it looks like it was rolled on a freeway with potholes. That’s why when you find a quality pre-roll product, you’ll want to remember it. Recently Primo had the chance to try Tower Pre-Rolls and we can definitively say it was one of the best pre-rolls we’ve had in recent memory.

A girl wearing a pink visor with a pre-rolled joint hanging from her mouth

Tower is affiliated with Source Cannabis, whose products we’ve featured before, and they bring the same philosophy of pure, quality cannabis to the pre-roll game. They have many offerings but we tried the Quest varietal in a full gram pre-roll. The presentation is what initially sticks out to you, a sturdy box with gold and silver embossed tower on the cover that looks like the station of a Renaissance Italian fortress. This isn’t an old school way of smoking though. As they’ve said, Tower Pre-Rolls is like blazing in 2058.

All Towers are precision rolled by their carefully calibrated machine to perfection that humans just couldn’t reproduce every time. It’s kind of surprising though because of how well it’s rolled. There are no runs throughout the entire joint and each hit is flavorful and smooth. The strain, Quest, is a glue varietal that’s mostly sativa but enough punch to medicate you properly. Its smoothness is largely due to the flavour, fruity but buttery, and it tricks you into thinking it’s not as powerful as it really is. If you’re just looking for a quick smoke that you can share confidently with friends, check out Tower Pre-Rolls and find out where you can get them in Los Angeles here.

The Tower pre-roll brand packaging