The Notorious B.I.G. constantly referred to nonstop “blunt passing”, Outkast urged us to “follow the funk from the skunk” and Scarface requested, “do your thang mary jane”. Rap has always been connected with cannabis, the push to legalize it and destigmatize it with an international audience, often unintentionally. It’s part of its natural ability to chart society’s path, which has made it the number one music genre in the world. Many rappers paid a price for it too. Like thousands of others, they were arrested and charged with crimes that don’t even exist anymore. Rappers with significant capital are in a unique position to profit off of the plant that used to make them an outlaw and they should be. All types of rappers have gotten involved in the expanding industry, from the g-funk prophet Snoop Dogg to Memphis’ favorite devil Juicy J. Some dipped their hands into it and dropped it for more pressing opportunities while others made a consistent line of bud, vaporizers, accessories, and oils. Here’s a look at ten rappers that have thrown their hat into the cannabis industry and their best song to spark up to.

Freddie Gibbs – Freddie Kane OG

rappers with weed brands

The L.A. rapper by way of Gary, Indiana, Freddie Gibbs carved his spot as a consistent, fierce rapper that can craft homicidal bangers and smooth stories. In 2015, he released his Freddie Kane OG, an indica dominant hybrid that was developed with delivery service Chroncierge. Freddie Kane OG’s buds were a deep green with a heavy cerebral high that slowly took you down at the end of a long day. I remember grabbing some of this on my first trip to California later that year. Freddie Kane OG wasn’t like other OG I’d experienced in the past, this was more gradual and tranquilizing than slapping you in the face with the heavy hand of THC. Unfortunately, this strain was discontinued sometime in the last few years. Gibbs still created stoner canon when he teamed up with Madlib for this sample-filled gem.

Ty Dolla Sign – Dolla Sign OG

ty dolla sign smoking weed

Ty Dolla Sign might be the best singer to come off the West Coast in two decades. His use of vocal effects in conjunction with his natural voice and talent for melody have given us songs like “Blase” and “Or Nah”. Dolla Sign OG Kush is a rare indica-dominant hybrid strain he made available in small batches since 2016. Originally created through crossing the infamous Irene OG X Larry OG strains, this bud was bred for inspiring artistic creation without leaving you anxious. The Dolla Sign OG Kush high hits with an energetic boost that gets you going on whatever comes your way. It’s not always in circulation so this is one to periodically search for and hope you get lucky. If you can’t blaze Dolla Sign OG, “Campaign” is a Future-assisted fury that’s good for the pre-game spliff playlist.

Dizzy Wright – Dizzy OG

dizzy wright weed brand

Dizzy Wright has been making music for the last decade and established his stoner-friendly image with albums like SmokeOutConversations and Blaze with Us. He’s a crafty artist with a smoked outflow that makes you want to play his songs back-to-back. Dizzy OG is a well-balanced strain that’s influenced by good genetics makes the most of its parentage. So much so that it won 2nd Place in the category of Best Medicinal Hybrid at the 2016 High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup. It looks the part too, the leaves are vibrant lime green and are threaded through with dark, rust-colored hairs. The dark, woodsy aroma is great for a late night spin of his projects. We recommend “Solo Dolo” for when you’re feeling introspective with this sativa.

Kurupt – Kurupt’s Moon Rock

kurupt rapper on stage

Most of the strains on this list are just strains. Kurupt’s Moonrocks, made by Dr. Zodiak, are top shelf buds, sprayed with hash oil and then, if that wasn’t enough, rolled in kief. You’ve probably at least heard of them or seen some reference to moonrocks, but Kurupt’s are the original deal. Available in Black Cherry, Vanilla and Strawberry, Kurupt brought his heavy punch West Coast rap style to the weed industry, some of his strains testing in the 75-99% range for THC. Kurupt’s “Space Boogie” is the perfect mix for moonrocks, giving you an intergalactic high with keyboard melodies that’ll lift you out of the stratosphere before you even spark the weed.

Curren$y – Andretti OG

currensy with weed joint

Rapper Curren$y isn’t the least bit sheepish of showing off his enthusiasm for cannabis. Since 2002, he’s been incorporating the plant in his rhymes through time at labels like No Limit, Cash Money and his own Jet Life Recordings imprint. It was no surprise when his signature strain, Andretti OG, appeared at the end of last year. The strain came to be after a few farmers hit up Curren$y about a partnership. The strain gets its name from Curren$y’s pseudonym, Spitta Andretti. “I have a few of my own strains. This is my number one,” says Curren$y. While’s it’s harder to find the #1 Curren$y song to blaze to, “This is the Life” from Weekend At Burnies is a good start.

Juicy J – Green Suicide

juicy j smoking weed bro

Memphis rap seemed to emerge from the dungeons of the city in the 1990s. Unfortunately, much of that music was lost without the internet and only exists in Youtube rips of cassette tapes. Three 6 Mafia was able to transcend that fate to reach national acclaim and even win an Academy Award. Their music always mentioned what kind of high the group was on, whether that was purple drank or the consistent sticky green. At the end of 2016, frontman Juicy J released his Green Suicide strain, which is a pretty self-explanatory name if you’re wondering what it feels like. Released in conjunction with a project around the same time, Green Suicide sends listeners to whatever place they wrote “Stay High”, one of the platonic ideals for smoker bangers.

Wiz Khalifa – Khalifa Kush

wiz khlaifa smoking up

Khalifa Kush is the strain brought to you by who else but Wiz Khalifa himself. This offspring of OG Kush is a spicy reimagining of the historic landrace strain. The exact genetics of this flower is a little mysterious since Wiz didn’t want the information widely public, but you can expect it to be storied. What we do know is it’s a top-shelf bud with classic, potent OG-like effects. The few times I’ve had this, I noticed it tastes like a sweet and sour pine with a heavier earth finish that makes you feel like you’re really smoking rapper weed. You can expect this to clock in at high THC cause Wiz claims he only smokes Khalifa Kush now and we know he only smokes premiere cannabis. It’s hard to answer which Wiz Khalifa song is best to smoke to, because there’s so many, but “Young, Wild and Free” is a good starting point.

Snoop Dogg – Snoop’s Dream

snoop weed strain

Named after the West Coast prophet putting on for cannabis when it wasn’t cool, Snoop’s Dream is the product of Snoop Dogg’s thirty-year love affair with marijuana. This hybrid is a mix of Master Kush and Blue Dream that smells very pungent but also tastes sweet like fresh-picked blueberries. This makes sense as the Long Beach acolyte is an avid fruit fan and its Indica genetics produce THC levels around 26%. Snoop’s Dream is still an uplifting high and it offers improved mood and an overall relaxed feeling. It’s also shown to be good for reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety, kind of like the canine rapper’s music. I sat here for ten minutes thinking about which Snoop song I should include, but there can’t be a better answer than “Gin and Juice”, the song that immortalized the word ‘indo’?

Berner – Girl Scout Cookies

berner weed strain

There are few strains more in demand and name dropped by rappers in the last couple years than Girl Scout Cookies. Not many people know where it comes from though, since it’s become so ubiquitous to the culture right now. The famed genetics hailed from Bay Area spitter, Berner. The rapper has a knack for picking phenomenal beats and clearly top-level weed too. He credits a mysterious grower named Pie Guy with showing him Girl Scout Cookies, a strange mix of OG Kush and the landrace strain Durban Poison. This is probably why everyone likes it. You can get the punch of that indica with the stimulation of one of the best sativas on the market. It’s sweet and malleable flavor have made it the base for much of the dessert strain experimentation of the last couple years. Plenty of people would say Girl Scout Cookies are their favorite strain, and most would include “Best Thang Smokin’” as their favorite Berner track.

B-Real – Tangie

b real weed strain

Cypress Hill survived the trials to become a generational rap talent that can still tour to this day and their frontman, B-Real, has immersed himself in the legal cannabis culture. A nod to the Tangerine Dream strain that was popular around the time Cypress Hill popped off on the West Coast, his Tangie Sativa-dominant hybrid is genetically related to the popular Skunk #1 strain. Often compared to the Cuties tangerine snacks that kids love, this orange-rich strain is a prime example of citrusy profiles in cannabis. In 2015, it even took third place for Best Sativa at the Southern California Cannabis Cup. As psychedelic as their classic “Insane in the Membrane”, we urge caution if you ever get your hands on some Tangie. Take it slow or you might go the route of the song.