Smoking VS Vaping Weed

Smoking VS Vaping Weed

Today we will run down some certain pros and cons of Smoking VS Vaping weed, ultimately convincing you that vaping weed is the way to go.

What we know is that smoking, whether its marijuana, tobacco or any other plant material:

  • Irritates;
  • Inflames;
  • Potentially causes irreversible damage to our delicate respiratory system.
  • Burning plants like weed causes the release of toxins, irritants, tar, and various carcinogens.

Decades-long research has proven this to be the case without any arguments. The bottom line is that the effects of weed smoke are far from conclusive at this point.

Pros of Vaping Weed

  1. Vaping Weed is Safer than Smoking Weed: Vaping is better for your health according to the current research and doesn’t require an open flame. If you are health conscious and love dry flower, making the switch to vaping is a no brainer.
  2. No Lighter Required: Vaporizers don’t require an external heat source, so you’ll never have an incident where you’re stranded with weed and no lighter.
  3. Discreet: One of the most appealing aspects of vaping marijuana is that it doesn’t produce as much of an odor, especially at lower temps. In addition, vaping smells a lot less than smoke, so it’s a smart option if you’re trying to fly high under the radar.
  4. More Pronounced Flavour: Vaping typically produces a more pronounced flavor than smoking. You taste the individual terpenes and cannabinoid profiles of each strain more distinctly, whereas smoking obliterates the taste and subtle nuances between strains. But, keep in mind that the flavor will significantly diminish towards the end of the sessions.
  5. Regulate and Control the temperature: Most weed vaporizers have adjustable heat settings that give you control over the temperature throughout your session. It takes a bit of trial and error to find the best temperature for vaping weed but it can produce a range of effects from mellow and uplifting to a more intense and euphoric experience.
  6. Efficient and Cheaper: Vaporizing weed allows you to extract the cannabinoids from your dry herb slowly and effectively. You can often get multiple sessions from a single pack in your vape. Already vaped bud can also be used to create edibles or even act as an emergency smoke or vape. On the other hand, when you combust weed, it turns to ash and loses all value.

    Before and After Vaping Weed Look

Cons of Vaping Weed

One of the main factors that make Vaping Weed more of an “elite” process of indulging in marijuana is that they are expensive and confusing to use. That is to brush it lightly. Let’s go into some main points that can make Vaping Weed a route that may not be for you.

  1. Typically requires a grinder: Most vaporizers don’t function properly without a medium to fine grind. This calls for a good grinder, especially if you’re using a portable vape that runs on conduction heating (which the vast majority do). Grinding increases surface area and allows all of the cannabinoids and terpenes to be extracted from the plant more efficiently.
  2. Must be charged or plugged in: You won’t need a lighter, but if your device isn’t charged or near a wall socket, then you’re out of luck. The good news is that when it is fully charged, most portable vapes can provide several sessions before needing a recharge.
  3. The learning curve: Unlike smoking, there is a significant learning curve with vaping cannabis. It takes the experience to learn how to vape weed properly, getting the right grind and pack, learning to adjust the settings and how to inhale from your device.
  4. Requires general maintenance: Vaping marijuana requires a bit of maintenance versus smoking it. Keeping your vaporizer clean and in top shape is essential to its performance. After every few sessions, it is imperative that you clean your vape — but this is similar to having glassware.
  5. The effects are somewhat different: Often called a “cleaner” high, vaping can still get you faded — like, seriously faded! — but it’s not as heavy as when smoking gram for gram.
  6. Not cheap: A solid device for vaporizing cannabis isn’t cheap. There are a few decent inexpensive vapes out there, but they typically run upwards of $100. Luckily, they save you money in the long since vaporization is a more efficient method.

Pros of Smoking Weed

If your reading this article, chances are you have smoked weed and can relate that the convenience of smoking weed will win anytime.

  1. More elevated effects: Smoking weed can more quickly create intense and euphoric effects. The extreme temperatures of fire immediately release all of the cannabinoids responsible for this more sedative effect such as THC in addition to THCv.
  2. No Start-Up Investment: Smoking doesn’t require as much of an investment upfront unless you are buying a nice bong or pipe. It’s so much cheaper to just buy some rolling papers, which prevents a lot of smokers from venturing over to vapes.
  3. Smoking is a habit: The entire process of rolling, packing, smoking can become almost soothing at times. It can be difficult for some to break this routine.
  4. No learning curve: Smoking is simple and doesn’t require a lot of practice. Anyone can light up a joint or bowl, and it’s easy to know when your session is over. Vaping pot is more complex and requires a bit of experience and knowledge.
  5. Low maintenance: There is some general maintenance involved with pipes or bowls, but they typically don’t require as much effort as cleaning a vaporizer. Joints on the other hand, are relatively low maintenance, aside from having to roll them.

Cons of Smoking Weed

  • Health risks associated with combustion: The reality is, although weed smoke is said to be less harmful than tobacco smoke, it’s still smoke! There is a common misconception that although smoking tobacco is bad for you, smoking marijuana isn’t.
  • Less regulation: There isn’t much you can do to control the effects of smoking. You can find a strain with less THC, take smaller puffs or roll your J a little tighter, but that’s about it. Vaping weed gives you more control over the overall experience.
  • Skunk Smell: Smoke can be detected from much further away and it lingers for longer than vapor. It’s not even close! When you vape weed, it has an aroma, but it doesn’t have the same burnt smell and it dissipates quicker, especially after airing out the room.
  • Not as efficient: Smokers tend to burn through their stash quicker than people who vape it. Once you smoke a joint or a bowl, it’s gone. When you vape it, the herb is cooked much slower, giving you more opportunity to extract every last drop of THC.
  • Less nuanced flavor: When you smoke cannabis, it is a lot harder to discern the differences between strains.

What Now?

If after reading this post, you want to try vaping marijuana instead of smoking it, I suggest you read our 6 Best Vaporizers guide: THE 6 BEST DISCREET/PORTABLE DRY HERB VAPORIZER CANADA

Because vaporizers truly can be a technical jungle for any connaisseur new to vaping.