Classic Super Nintendo (SNES) Stoner Games

You may have heard of the old school gaming systems that have been re-issued as of late. They are mini versions of the originals that don’t take discs or cartridges but instead come with a bunch of games or roms built into the system (snes emulator games). Atari did it some years back but Atari is boring.

Super Nintendo, on the other hand, is sick. The games that come with the classic are also very dope but you can get even more by easily hacking it.

The system at our office now has 120 games as opposed to the 20 or so that come stock with the system. So now that I can choose whatever game I want to play. But which games are best for when your brain is at half mast? What can I play and not have my character die every 5 seconds but is also fun?

Plus, what are some good games that I can play with my fellow stoned homies? In the following list, I have put a 2p next to the games homies can play together and 1p for games that are only good for solo joints. Read on to learn of my chosen gems.

2p = 2 player / 1p = 1 player / All 2p games are 1p too

1.TMNT IV – Turtles in Time (2p)

Turtles in time super nintendo game

This game rips. It’s easy to play, there are tons of moves for each character you control and the game is straight up fun. This one is a no brainer since all you do is beat up baddies and walk in one direction. You can be completely MASHED and still make it through this one. 100% sick.

2. Super Mario Allstars/Super Mario World (1p) sort of (2p)

Super Mario All stars super nintendo game

Why 2 games for one best of slot you might ask? Super Mario Allstars is technically 4 games in one so I thought why not throw one more in there. If you haven’t heard of Mario then I am happy to officially welcome you to the human race. Allstars are all the Mario games released for the original Nintendo with a fresh coat of Super Nintendo paint. All of these classic 2D side-scrolling Mario games are brilliant and are excellent fodder for stoner gaming moments.

3. Chrono Trigger (1p)

Chrono Trigger snes emulator games

This game is an RPG. If you don’t know what that is, you might be pleasantly surprised by how much fun this genre can be. This particular game is easily in the top 5 best RPG’s ever made. Not only is it super fun but it does not require a walkthrough to figure out. That means you can play it without moving. Perfect for the particularly couch-locked stoner.

4. Tetris Attack (2p)

Tetris attack snes emulator games

Not the same as Tetris but similar in that it’s a puzzle game. The solo play is dope but the 2 player action is where the attack part comes in. Every time you score a sophisticated stack, you lay an egg on your opponent. Everything gets stressful fast but in a good way. Truly an under appreciated shredder of a game.

5. Super Metroid (1p)

Super Metroid super nintendo game

Possibly/probably the best Metroid game ever made. Don’t know what a Metroid game is? It’s one of the best action/adventure games ever made. It has tons of secrets, special moves, power-ups, weird-but-fun challenges plus it’s super fun. Just try sitting down to play this for only 15 minutes. This game will the suck you in like a season of Game of Thrones.

6. Sunset Riders (2p)

sunset riders super nintendo game

Here’s another game where you walk in one direction and kill everything that comes at you. Instead of punching and kicking, you are packing a vintage 6 shooter. This game is positively psychedelic – the colours are bonkers. The gameplay is a little hard at first but with a little practice, it gets really fun. Try entering a cheat to make this game go even longer.

7. Starfox (1p)

Star Fox super nintendo game

I am not really a huge fan of first person flying games. Usually, it’s just a bunch of generic, random crap flying at you. Often, it’s too hard and or ugly and hence not fun but Starfox is freakin’ awesome. There are lots going on, but the way it’s presented and stays consistent each time you play a particular level makes this game straight-up sick. The levels are fun as hell and the gameplay is tricky yet not too hard. 10 out of 10.

8. Smash TV (2p)

Super Smash super nintendo game

No punks allowed! This game is strictly mayhem. It’s all action 100% of the time. Prepare for unholy slaughter with max powerups and mental amounts of enemies coming at you from literally all directions. If it sounds hectic that’s because it is but it’s also hella fun and somewhat of a hidden gem. Even playing on easy this game is still bonkers.

9. Mario Kart (2p)

mario kart snes emulator games

The original Mario Kart is a classic and it’s still fun even with the zillions of updates this game has had with each new console/iteration. This is a racing game for people bad at racing games. Powerups based on your race position help the people in the back more than the race-leaders which keeps this game fun for everyone playing. Perfect for when you get too stoned.

10. Super Punch-Out (1p)

punch out snes emulator games

This is a very special game. It’s a sports game made out of cartoons. The characters you fight are all totally bananas: crazy expressions, ridiculous intro dances, absurd dirty tricks. If you are looking for a straight forward boxing game, this is not for you. The game is challenging but not monotonous in any way. A true stoner masterpiece.