Top 5 Stoner Cartoons & Episodes

Old tv with cartoons on it

Our Favorite Stoner Cartoons

For many of us, cartoons were our first exposure to television, media, and entertainment. Whether you grew up in a Saturday morning cartoon environment or were raised in the shadows of Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, we all have this nostalgic longing for the days when the shapes and colors on our TV were the only things that mattered. Now that we’re older—and through the magic of weed—we can almost appreciate them more by picking up on subtle jokes and fully marveling at the work put into animation. Maybe you’re used to going down cartoon rabbit holes while you’re stoned, but if you’re not we’ve put together a short introductory list of The Top 5 Stoner Cartoons & Episodes. It covers everything from Disney movies to 1920s animation to hair rock love and all of these scenes can be binged in the time it takes you to finish a joint. Lean back, roll one up and take a trip down memory lane with five essential stoner cartoon scenes.

Judy Jetson Love Song

Man kissing judy jetson's hand Stoner Cartoons

It’s hard to believe The Jetsons original series only ran for about a year between 1962-1963. Its allure kept growing through syndication over the next few decades and then Hanna-Barbera tried to cash in on nostalgia in 1990 with Jetsons: The Movie. While the plot is generally forgettable, there’s a scene close to the middle that’s captured animation connoisseurs and intrigued the artistic stoner at 3 a.m. Judy Jetson is falling in love with a boy named Apollo Blue and bursts into a rock ballad called “You and Me”. I can remember taking road trips as a kid and watching the surrealist images pop up as she sang about how the two were a perfect match for each other. It has the color scheme of a 1990 production, which makes it seem familiar and cozy now and a fun video to show at your next smoke session. An obvious headliner to our list of Top 5 Stoner Cartoons.

The Pink Elephants Dumbo

Pink Elephants playing trumpet Stoner Cartoons

It’s odd how many cartoons depict getting drunk as a psychedelic experience. Personally, I’ve never hallucinated off one-two many tequila-soda. Maybe the drinks were stronger in 1941 when Disney released Dumbo, the classic tale of everyone’s favourite circus elephant. You probably remember the part where Timothy Q. Mouse gets Dumbo drunk and he proceeds to see one of the most visually stunning and “made for stoners” moments in early Disney animation, the Pink Elephants scene. After getting wasted, our duo suddenly imagines a set of multiplying pink elephants dancing and performing in the sky before them before taking a few sinister turns. If you find yourself a bit too high when you watch this, the seven-headed elephant might send you for a loop.

Winnie the Pooh Heffalumps and Woozels

Winnie the Pooh and Tiger Dancing Stoner Cartoons

Disney seems to have a thing for strange, psychotic elephant scenes. This one came along about twenty years after Dumbo but characterized a lot of early fears in children ever since. Coming from Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, here Pooh is having a dream about the mythical Heffalumps and woozels, who have been plotting to steal Pooh’s honey. They morph shapes and slide around wherever Pooh tries to run, making it impossible for him to escape. That’s the real trippy nature of this scene, that you feel like there’s no safe passage, the Heffalumps are inevitable. Again, this scene could creep you the fuck out if watched under the wrong circumstances.

Mickey Mouse The Haunted House

Grim Reaper pointing at mickey mouse Stoner Cartoons

We had to throw this one in the Top 5 Stoner Cartoons list for our stoner horror fans. While this one won’t have you covering your eyes, it’s a fascinating look at 20th-century animation and the beginnings of classic cartoon tropes. Made way back in 1929, this early version of Mickey Mouse stumbles early through an abandoned, and haunted, mansion. The ghoulish residents eventually corner Mickey next to a piano and demand he plays them a tune. After a little bit of protest, Mickey agrees and the house turns into a party shack, with skeletons dancing and joining Mickey on other instruments. Even though it’s ninety years old, this short can grip you with the right amount of Sativa and a little historical significance.

Spongebob Frankendoodle

Sponge bob with big pencil holding up to frankendoodle Stoner Cartoons

Spongebob is a stoner staple by this point and, no matter how old you were when it came out, it permeated the culture of television cartoons. This episode “Frankendoodle” sticks out because it breaks down the fourth wall and has its writers and animators playing with the silliness that made Spongebob great. After an artist’s pencil drops to the bottom of the ocean, Spongebob and Patrick the Starfish pick it up and start to realize its power. At first, they’re just drawing harmless jellyfish that come to life, albeit a two dimensional one. The chaos starts when Spongebob draws an odd replica of himself that goes on a rampage through their underwater town, Bikini Bottom, and Spongebob has to fight him for control of the pencil. This one plays optical illusions with its animation and drawings that are perfect for a relaxing, humorous afternoon high.

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