thc delivery

Weed is easy to get these days. Depending on where you live I mean really fucking easy. While our hearts go out to our friends and loved ones in a non-legal territory, it’s quite amazing how far buying marijuana has come. There are a dozen dispensaries around my apartment in Los Angeles and I can walk to a handful of them. But, we’re all stoners. Sometimes that walking or driving part isn’t possible depending on how strong the smoke was that day. That’s why it’s great to be living in 2019, where there are now hundreds of THC delivery services for weed! It’s kinda crazy that I’m even typing that. I remember being amazing I could get pizza delivered as a teenager or discovering Postmates in college. You’re telling me now I don’t even have to leave the house to get weed?!? We’re pretty damn lucky. It’s hard to wade through the fog of delivery services though, especially if you’re having trouble with your own self-induced THC fog. We’ve done the hard work for you and broken down all the states where you can get weed delivered and given you a recommendation for a reliable service. You don’t have to thank us, just think of us when you spark those thc delivered goodies.

thc delivery bluntThe states that currently offer fully legal marijuana delivery services include Arizona, Alaska, California, Maine, Maryland, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, and Oregon.



In Arizona, medical marijuana has been legal for almost a decade. Prop 203 was approved by Arizona voters in November 2010 and under this act, medical marijuana patients can get their medicine delivered. To receive a medical marijuana delivery, though, you must be a state-registered medical marijuana patient or registered caregiver. So far, there are multiple marijuana delivery services that Arizonans can take advantage of. We’d go with Sunday Goods, an Arizona-grown company that caters to any mode of cannabis consumption.


California, the capital of weed. Medical marijuana has been legal in California since 1996, but as of 2018, recreational marijuana is also legal. The market is huge here, but recently marijuana delivery services have taken off. To receive a legal marijuana home delivery, you must meet certain requirements. For some, you’ll need a doctor’s note, like you always did for medical. But for others that are recreational, all you have to do is be 21 or older. Certain counties do prohibit the operation of marijuana delivery services, but many others support the industry. If your county allows it and you have your medical card, you should check out Nugg, which is great for the sheer number of products it offers.


Believe it or not, medical marijuana has been legal in Maine since 1999, and recreational marijuana was recently legalized in 2016. It’s one of the few East Coast refuges for weed smokers. Over the years, several changes were made to Maine’s medical marijuana law to improve residents’ experience obtaining marijuana products and that includes adding delivery services. Elevation 207 seems to be the most reliable service in the state, with same-day delivery and a seven-day operation schedule.


Towards the end of 2017, Maryland finally got their medical marijuana program up and running and started serving patients. Under Maryland law, marijuana home deliveries are legal as long as medical consumers and caregivers are registered with the proper authorities, i.e. Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. Services are highly limited though, as the state is new to the weed industry. Wellness Solutions is a great option as they can assist you with getting your medical card too.


In Massachusetts, marijuana is medically and recreationally legal. Dispensaries were allowed to open up last July so everything is now in full effect. However, state regulators made the choice to postpone licensing recreational marijuana delivery services. Massachusetts’ Cannabis Control Commission agreed to present finalized marijuana delivery regulations sometime this year, so until then the state only allows medical delivery. Roll with Us has a diverse menu for interested patients and they also serve Rhode Island!


Nevada—you know, Vegas baby—is in full effect with marijuana legalization. Not only can you purchase legal recreational marijuana in Nevada, but you can also use Nevada’s marijuana home delivery services if you’re at least 21 years old. The only caveat is they have to meet you at an established residential address, so no public deliveries. Still, if you don’t feel like leaving that Airbnb you rented just off the strip, hit up Las Vegas ReLeaf.

New Mexico

Currently, marijuana is only medically legal in New Mexico. Still, marijuana delivery services exist and they can deliver your goodies as long as you have all your paperwork in order. While it would be nice if they were fully legal, it’s nice to see all these states you wouldn’t think allowed people to get their medicine brought right to the door. Minervacanna is the one we would recommend. You’ll want to order from them based off their pastry background picture alone.

New York

New York, like Los Angeles but more crowded, less pretty and the weed is not quite as legal. We still love the Big Apple’s home state though and are glad they’ve implemented a medical program in recent years. Because of this, delivery will be restricted to just those medical patients. Vireo Health is a great choice because they deliver to Manhattan, New York City, the Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester, Rockland, Nassau, and parts of Suffolk County.


Medical and recreational marijuana has been legal in Oregon for several years. However, home delivery just became an option in February of 2017. In fact, their system has been used as a model for other home delivery services across the country. Both medical consumers and recreational users can order marijuana products from licensed retailers and receive marijuana deliveries straight to their couch. In this new era of Oregon weed, Kush Cart is the best if you’re in Portland or the surrounding area.