MK Ultra


During World War II the CIA experimented with THC extract as a truth serum. The goal was to get people they were interrogating to say things they wouldn’t normally and essentially spill the beans on nazi secrets or whatever. The CIA wasn’t the CIA yet: they were called the OSS but they were made up of the same people during the transition, so the name is irrelevant. But why am I telling you about the CIA’s different names? Weed & THC extract.

Right, so the CIA got a bunch of doctors together to test a bunch of drugs in 1942. They decided weed was the ticket since it didn’t make people trip too hard visually. Strong enough to pull information out of subjects in a vulnerable state, but not put them in psychosis. So when they were conducting these experiments, they reasoned that subjects should NOT be aware of getting drugged, and it was important to completely mask the smell and taste of the drug they were surreptitiously administering. To make weed odourless and tasteless, they devised a version of THC called THC O Acetate. They then would inject a tiny amount of it into a cigarette. Sneaky right?

THC extract Truth Drug

The extracted cannabinoids were a whole new form of THC that even today is extremely rare. But what is so special about THC O Acetate other than it being invisible? It’s 3 times more potent than normal THC extract. But that’s not all. Not only is it way stronger it apparently also has some more advanced psychedelic properties. What does that last thing mean you might ask? I don’t know. I have no clue because I haven’t tried it. I don’t know where to get it and to make the stuff requires sulphuric acid and a bunch of other highly caustic chemicals that makes a backyard BHO operation look like a sterilized operating room. If anyone knows where to get some of this, please let me know as I would like to try it.


So anyway, back to the CIA and their mind control experiment. I should mention that this particular study on weed as a truth serum was part of a much larger study called MK Ultra which some people may have heard of. It is a very very fascinating subject and I would suggest to all of you reading this to look it up after finishing this article. That’s like, just a side note and, like, not fully relevant but, like, super interesting.

Right, sooooo, the CIA’s attempt to use weed was at times fruitful in terms of getting people to divulge closely guarded secrets but unfortunately for the CIA, too many of their test subject could simply not handle their weed. Of course, people still tripped which in the end was the reason the whole approach was abandoned and weed made illegal. But before throwing in the towel, they tried weed A LOT and some results were actually pretty good. But most times the subject would get too high and start babbling about bullshit – making it difficult to differentiate between fact and fiction and/or fact and utter, stoner nonsense.

I am reminded of the beginning of the movie Pineapple Express – a scene no doubt directly inspired by these covert experiments – where a group of scientists give a GI a joint to smoke and instead of becoming how the top brass wanted – a person foisted into a robotic state of strict honesty – the stoned GI starts laughing, air drumming, shit-talking… completely making a mockery of the whole operation. In response to this display of ridiculous behaviour, the General overseeing the experiment has a look of disgust and simply says, “I’ve seen enough. Shut it down”.

Seriously, anyone out there that has a line on THC O Acetate, lemme know.