top ten strains

Any top 10 strains of weed list are going to vary from person-to-person. Cannabis affects people differently but there’s enough common ground between users to outline some of the highest performing and most loved strains. Even before legalization, marijuana markets were constantly changing, with new strains being grown and introduced every week it seems. Quantifying mass interest is extremely difficult with the very little public record on cannabis sales. But we’ve identified the top 10 strains of weed in Cali based on our current experience, day to day. We’ll be updating this list regularly to keep you informed of the ever-changing state of “real, sticky weed” *extremely Ron Howard narrator voice*. So here are our March 2019 top 10 strains of weed picks, they’re in no order because that doesn’t matter, so start anywhere!

White Tahoe Cookies

top 10 strains of weed: white tahoe cookies

Cookies have become the buzzword in weed in the last five years, the same way OG or “Kush” was before it. It indicates the floral, sweet, exotic preferences of many growers and consumers. Originally created by Kush4Breakfast, it’s a cross of The White, Tahoe OG and Girl Scout Cookies, the original strain that started the cookie craze. It packs a hefty zing of THC, coming in at around 27%, and combines the popularity of exotics with the reliable strength of an OG. Like all of Kush4Breakfast strains, it’s a striking image of what’s possible with colour and frost in cannabis cultivation.

Godfather OG

top 10 strains of weed: godfather og

In many corners of California, OG still reigns as king and easily ranks in our top 10 strains of weed list for Cali. With pungent aromas and a clean burn that would make Hank Hill happy, Godfather OG has had notoriety for being a strong, flavorful addition to the OG family since it took 1st place in the Indica division of the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup. A natural sedative, Godfather OG is perfect for insomnia and pain relief. Be careful though, it’s THC content clocks at over 30%!


top 10 strains of weed: chemdawg

Powerful indicas aren’t the only thing popular in California. The creative community fuels much of the sales trying to get a little spark of imagination from strains like Chemdawg. While it’s one of the tougher strain lineages to track, it’s responsible for the sativa-side blend in popular strains like Sour Diesel. Chemdawg is known for its cerebral euphoria and efficacy in warding off a wide range of physical and psychological pain.

Wedding Cake

top 10 strains of weed: wedding cake

As mentioned above, the quest for fruity, sweet aromas is popular in weed today and Wedding Cake is part of that search. This particular Wedding Cake, grown by Alien Labs, is better than any matrimonial dessert you’ll consume. Its light green leaves and gentle orange pistils make it a great looking bud in addition to a sugary smoke. Its smell resembles some cross of melon, caramel, peanut butter and the traditional piney weed dank you expect. Not sure if you’re celebrating wedding anniversaries or not, but this is a wonderful strain, single or taken – bank it for your personal top 10 strains of weed list.


top 10 strains of weed: quest

Quest is described as the “shining beacon” of Source Cannabis Farms based in Los Angeles and that might be the best description of its effects. It’s a stimulating experience that packs the punch you’d expect from good weed without the lethargy or fogginess. A bud of Quest, with dancing oranges and full trichomes, will give you energy for that afternoon push, especially when paired with your favorite coffee. The past couple months have seen this strain become very popular in the city’s rap scene, with everyone from producers and engineers to budding rappers flaunting the strain on social media. That’s surprising given that Quest is a sativa-dominant hybrid as opposed to their usual smoking of exotics or heavy indicas. But Quest is that good.

Cherry Cookies

top 10 strains of weed: cherry cookies

As we make our way through the endless variations of strains named after baked goods, Jungle Boys Cherry Cookies stands a baker’s dozen above the rest. A cross between the always-pleasing Cookies and Fire OG, it’s an exotic that doesn’t skimp on strength to focus flavorour. Its thick nugs feature a swirl of purple amid the deep greens and soft oranges. Largely indica, it’s great for relieving nausea and promoting appetite. It might have you looking for a cherry pie or fresh baked cookies to pair with it.

Gelato #41

top 10 strains of weed: gelato #41

Gelato has earned a name among cannabis’ respected brands the last couple years, largely because of its heavy effects, striking color combination and chocolate aromas. Originally cultivated by Connected Cannabis in collaboration with Cookies, the two Bay Area icons put a delicious spin on a growing classic. The most noticeable part of its buds are the deep, Prince-approved purple leaves that fill most of the space, dotted with some green and orange and frosty white. Be careful with this strain, as it can put you on your ass if you aren’t prepared for its deeply relaxing experience.


top 10 strains: zkittles

Odds are you enjoyed Skittles as a kid (I still do) and, if you’re here, you’ve probably heard of Zkittlez, the cannabis companion to your favorite rainbow-colored treat. Zkittlez, by TerpHogz & 3rd Gen Family, shares a lot in common with the candy: tropical, bouncing colors and you get a rush from both. The Zkittlez rush is a bit more productive than the Skittle high though which is why it belongs on a top 10 strains of weed list. Despite being an indica-dominant hybrid, Zkittlez has been known to motivate and engage its users with their tasks without the heaviness and sleepy effects.


top 10 strains of weed: mimosa

It’s 2019, brunch is ubiquitous and mimosas have always been the best way to justify early drinking. Like the drink, the Mimosa strain is ripe with citrus floral notes and nugs bubble with trichomes like champagne. This cross of Clementine and Purple Punch, Mimosa is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is vibrant and uplifting. Marketed as “the best brunch weed”, it’s not so overwhelming that you can’t make it to dinner, but it will keep you stimulated and creative deep into the afternoon. A great strain for those who need to focus and melt away the annoyances of a busy lifestyle.

Rose Queen

top 10 strains of weed: rose queen

All the buds featured so far have been dominated by the THC cannabinoid so, to round out the list, here’s Rose Queen, a CBD-rich flower produced by Flow Kana. CBD flower has been rising in popularity since legalization largely because of an influx of new users who want the health benefits of the cannabis plant without the psychoactive effects. Some also use it as a supplement to the dose of THC they’re already getting. Rose Queen has a 15:1 CBD-THC ratio and it’s rose and lavender notes complement the mood-boosting and stress-relieving results. THC will always have a place in our heart, but there’s so much to the cannabis plant, por que no los dos?