washington marijuana growers

Washington marijuana growers

There’s a lot of noise in the cannabis industry and sometimes it’s hard to see past the hype of marketing and pretty packaging. Even in an established market like Washington state you still have to sift through the mids to find real top shelf flower. If you’re going to get taxed at 37% you better make the right choice at the dispensary or else find yourself disappointed when it comes time to roll up.

As someone who’s done extensive market research in my native state of Washington, let me share five of the finest growers the state has to offer and are all well worth your dollars.


Aurum Farms

Aurum Trop Cookies washington growers

aurum farms

Aurum Farms is an award-winning grower that is well respected in my local community. I’ve been smoking weed grown by Aurum for a long time and I keep coming back every time because they’ve always maintained such high-quality standards. Every strain in their garden is worth smoking. From classic heat like Lemon G to new funk like GMO. Their Kosher Kush is one of my go-to strains and lately, I’ve been enjoying their White Tahoe Cookies and Tropicanna Cookies. It feels like every jar of Aurum I pick up is my new favorite.

How do you maintain such high quality in your flower (regardless of strain)?
“Genetics are crucial!  If you weren’t born Michael Jordan, you probably won’t be Michael Jordan!  Sustainable growing methods, & years of trial and error have helped us maintain our high standards.  At this point, we know what works for Aurum Farms and what doesn’t.” – Janis Shephard, Aurum Farms 


Freddy’s Fuego

Washington marijuana grower Freddy's fuego KushCake1

freddy's fuego washington growers

Freddy’s is one of those brands that pay attention to all the little details. It’s what helps them live up to their moniker fuego and it makes them a brand worth following to see what the latest drop will be. I’m a sucker for their Sin Mint Cookies and if you ask me Freddy’s Gelato is some of the best Gelato available around Seattle. To keep it fresh they are always phenohunting new strains and testing small batches of new genetics. Their Layer Cake and Hans Solo Burger are two flowers that both have some GMO-funk that I can’t get enough of.


Royal Tree Gardens

royal tree mimosa

royal tree gardens washington grower

Royal Tree Gardens is led by a team of 5 owners who all share a combined passion for cannabis that carries over into every aspect of their flowers from start to finish. Their signature Middlefork is a crowd favorite and whenever there’s a fresh drop of their Do-si-dos I have a hard time passing it up. Ice Cream Cake, Mimosa, and Mojito are just some of the freshest terps coming out of Royal Tree Gardens but it really doesn’t matter what flavors or profiles of cannabis you prefer. Royal Tree has a little bit of everything in their rotation of strains.

How do you decide what new genetics to work try?
“At Royal Tree, we have been collecting seeds for over 10 years from breeders around the country and internationally and have over 1000 unique genetics in seed form… We also receive cuts of known successful genetics from our friends in the industry that are tried and true.” – Spencer Schrote, Royal Tree Gardens 


Subdued Excitement

Subdued Excitement strain

sub x washington grower

Also known as Sub Ex, Subdued Excitement maintains connoisseur level quality and consistency in all of their flowers. Besides sharing their appreciation for cannabis, I also value their ties Sub Ex to Mt. Baker and the mountain lifestyle. Their company ethos is “rooted in superior genetics” and as a bit of a genetics nerd that’s important to me. As a daily dabber, I love that all of their delicious terp profiles are available as extracts through their in-house lab, Coldsmoke Concentrates. Their Zkittlez cut has unreal candy terps and their GMO is truly top shelf. Most recently I’ve enjoyed their Lime 43, a cross of White Fire 43 with Orange Juice Bud It has an incredible gassy, citrus flavor that is sweet, sour, and earthy.


Skord Marijuana

skord marijuana

skord washington marijuana grower

A team of cannabis purists with an attention to detail that shows in each of their flowers and concentrates. Their products are packaged well and share information connoisseurs care about. Specifically, I love knowing the breeder of the genetics they are running. One reason I keep coming back to Skord is their lineup of strains bred by one of the most respected breeders in the northwest, Exotic Genetix. Their Mint Chocolate Chip and Cholatina are beautifully crafted flowers I can’t get enough of. And for a little piece of mind, all of their products are screened for pesticides and include an easy way to see the complete lab analysis.