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We want you guys consuming PRIMO cannabis with peace of mind and confidence that you’re not breaking any weed laws. It’s incredibly confusing with everything that’s going on in the states, and there seems to be little agreeance between them all. Then up north across the border, you’ve got Canada where it’s federally legal. But what does it really mean to be legal? We’ll make it real simple for you in this series, so you can pass it on to the homies without having to sift through all the legislative bullshit. It’s easy, we’re calling it Weed Law For Dummies to inform you about the necessities at home and abroad. This is episode 4: Washington Weed Laws for dummies.

Washington Weed Laws Dos & Dont’s

Washington eventually became the first state to implement recreational marijuana laws on December 6, 2012. However, due to holes in the legislation, recreational dispensaries didn’t open their doors until the following summer. You can buy up to an ounce of weed from those stores and have it on your person without legal repercussions. Washington weed laws are unique with respect to home-growing though, as it’s the only state that allows recreational possession and purchase but not cultivation.

Historical Points

The Pacific Northwest has always been defined by its polite lawlessness and this especially applies to the rain-soaked shores and cascading mountains of Washington State. They grow more apples than any other state and D. B. Cooper is thought to have made his infamous jump in the state’s eastern wilderness, the only unsolved air piracy in U.S. history. It’s no surprise all this goes well with smoking pot.

Like most of the Western United States, Washington saw an increase in marijuana use during the late sixties and they began to loosen its criminality. By the start of the 1970s, they had made possession of anything less than 40 grams a misdemeanour. Still, any law punishing harmless personal activity is unjust and Washington’s citizens fought for the next two decades to decriminalize and establish some type of medical system. They finally succeeded in 1998, though dispensaries were not explicitly given reign to operate. (The law also said you were legally allowed to possess a 60-day supply of weed, defining that further as 24 ounces, a hilariously absurd amount to consume by yourself in two months. Smoking a quarter ounce a day would take you over three months to go through that!

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