Weed VS Hash

man holding weed nug in one hand and piece of hash in the other

Catching Up With Hash

So if you are at all familiar with marijuana you have more than likely heard of hash aswell. You might have heard about it from your cool uncle who loves sabbath describing tall tales of the legendary black hash. Or stories your friends told you about hot knifing hash in college and getting so high they forgot what their middle names were. Or maybe you have heard the word almost interchangeably with marijuana and haven’t truly ever understood what the difference is. Well, let’s unpack that today and help put some context behind weed vs hash.

Hash brick Although you might have imagined Weed Vs Hash as a mere difference in shape or format,  these two cannabis products are actually not one and the same. I am sure some of you are aware of the differences, however, this is a question that is commonly posed.  So what separates these two glorious high inducing substances from one another?  Technically they share the same origin story, being that both marijuana and hash are born from the same plant. This plant is known as cannabis to the industry and both hash and marijuana come from the female version of this plant. Actually all high inducing forms of cannabis come from the female version of the plant as the male version of the cannabis plant is actually the hemp plant.

The High Difference

When it comes to Weed Vs Hash there is a long list of notable differences, from taste, smokability, appearance, potency, method of consumption, and the method of production. This is because hash and marijuana come from different parts of the plant known as cannabis. Why is this? Marijuana comes from the dried parts of the actual blooming buds that contain some trichomes but are not completely composed of them. Trichomes are the tiny hair looking follicles that grow all over the cannabis plant, these follicles contain most of the plants THC, which in simple terms is what causes you to get “high” and produces the psychoactive effects. One of the most standout differences is that hash or hashish is completely composed of those trichomes. That means that hash is pretty much as concentrated as you can get when it comes to THC. Therefore it is a much more potent form of cannabis and will be a much more intense high.

Differentiating Characteristics

Those beautiful flowery buds that are more commonly consumed called marijuana plants can range anywhere from 2%-35% THC content, while hashish can range from 20%-80%. The numbers are staggeringly different and so are the levels of intensity of the high. Besides the differences in THC content and intensity of high, they also come in very different forms. While marijuana takes on the form of a dried/cured green flower or bud. Hashish takes on the form of either a semi-solid or paste, can be sticky and can range from blonde colored to black colored. In terms of taste and smokability, they also hold noticeable differences. Hash can come off as harsher to smoke, it isn’t as smooth as some strains of its counterpart.

hash jointThey are also consumed in different ways for the most part. As hash and marijuana can both be used in pipes, bongs, and smoking tools alike. Marijuana is a lot easier to roll and smoke as a joint.  Being that the consistency of hash is for the most part sticky, semi-solid, and not very “bust-able.” Some very brave weed smokers like to combine both forms, rolling marijuana inside of the joint and coating the outside in hash oil or adding little bits of the hash inside the rolling paper. It is safe to say that marijuana is more commonly enjoyed than hash in the western world however in places like Afghanistan the birthplace of hash, hash is much more commonly used than weed.

Hash Production Differences

Let’s take a deeper dive into the differences in the production method of Weed Vs Hash. The overall process of producing hash is much more complicated than that of marijuana. For hash first, the female cannabis plant must be cultivated and harvested once the flowering period has passed. The part that takes some skillful finesse is separating the trichomes from the rest of the plant. The resin that is collected from these trichomes is pure THC and needs to be collected. There are many ways to do this, I will briefly list a few of them: dry-sifting using silk screens or a pollen press, one of the tools presses the kief or “trim” by hand through a series of gradually smaller screens or mesh filters until all the trichomes are free. There is also a method involving bubble bags through a process of screening to create bubble hash, or for the professional production of hash there is mechanical drum hash, a mechanical drum is specifically made to create hash in great quantities with great quality.

bibble hash

The production of marijuana, on the other hand, is much more simple. Yet it still requires a degree of skill and experience. It is often mistakenly assumed that because marijuana is a plant you simply plant seeds, integrate sun and water and boom you have yourself some weed. However it is not that simple, and processes vary between indoor and outdoor grows. For starters, you need to place your grow, choose your light levels, choose your growing medium, get cannabis-friendly nutrients, germinate your seeds start your clones, and wait till the buds start growing before harvesting your product. Then comes the final stage drying and curing. These steps are similar to the starting phases of producing hash however, all the leg work that is needed to yield hash after the harvesting phase is not needed.

Would you Rather…

So with all this information on Weed Vs Hash, which one is truly the winner? The thing about that question is it really is a matter of opinion. I’ve gone through phases of both. Some smokers swear by concentrates and don’t even bother with flour. Others, on the other hand, find hash to be too harsh to smoke and to intense of an experience. It is also important to note that the effects or “high” obviously vary between sativa and indica strains, however, that being said hash will always be the more intense version of whichever spectrum.

For me personally it depends on the occasion and level of tolerance. If you are looking to get absolutely blasted in the comfort of your home fire up the hash.  If you want to remain social some may even say functional and your tolerance isn’t that of a seasoned concentrate veteran I would recommend sticking with flour. Me personally, I would choose the more functional effects of flower over hash in nearly every situation, but you won’t know until you try!