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While Girl Scout Cookies continues to reign supreme as one of popular weed culture’s most recognizable strains, the minds at West Coast Sunrise Weed are giving their funky variation of Dosido, a popular offspring of GSC. Founded in 2010, West Coast Sunrise weed is produced in the San Francisco Bay area and they specialize is precise pheno-hunting of each strain they release. Cannabis strains have variety among individual plants or phenotypes, and pheno-hunting is the process of sorting through these individuals for the cannabinoid profile that best suits your needs. They are meticulous in their quest for the highest quality phenotype of their strains and Dosido is no different.

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This indica-dominant hybrid is a combination of GSC and Face Off OG, capturing the best of each world. Dosido is typically a feast for eyes and this specific phenotype is quite remarkable. It’s got the glittering trichomes and deep orange pistils you’d expect of high-quality cannabis today, with lime to dark green and almost lavender leaves. It smells pungent like it’s indica roots suggest, but also sweet, creating a funky floral swirl each time you crack open the jar. These classic OG aromas blend with medical-grade body effects that lean toward the sedative side.

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This phenotype also happens to be around thirty percent THC, one of West Coast Sunrise’s highest testing strains so far. That being said, use Dosido with caution, especially if you have something to do that day. Our friends at West Coast Sunrise recommend using it as an “end of the night” strain, one that will melt you into a state of relaxation that’s the perfect way to close the day. The logo for West Coast Sunrise features the California Bear strolling across a sunset while toking and Dosido seems to embody the spirit of that image too.

west coast sunrise weed 3

Find Dosido and all other West Coast Sunrise offerings at a Bay Area location here!