All flowers are not grown equally, its a simple fact!

Here at primo we understand that no other industry celebrates the best, like we do in the craft of perfecting cannabis. We love to tell others, just as much as you do that we have found the best, the love for the pungent sweat noise, vibrant colour and the perfect cure. When it comes together perfectly it like a piece of art and we can’t wait celebrate it with friends, with family.

It’s our ethos to continually find the best cannabis for everyone needs and to never become complacent on that quest. So, we have developed a rating system to give you a better understanding of our growers, breaking it down into a categories.

Exotic flowers – +++++

This are very small batch flower we the farmer takes they craft seriously and so much so the dollar vs flower is high. Most typically these are new innovative strains, crosses that have yet be tested on larger scale production, the detail here is emalticlic. It starts with selecting a strain not on it yield potential but purly on the quality of finished product, every step along the way is held to the highest standard.

Boutique Flowers: +++

These flowers are grown on larger level typical you find some new stains, where the

Commercial Flowers: ++

These flower are grown on the largest level, can even be machined trimmed trimmed and mast market strains we’re all ware of. Sometimes these flowers are